Monday, May 2, 2011

we'll be comin' round the mountain...

oh yes.  that's right.
blog posts to come.  right and left.  left and right.  you get the drift.
people, we need to catch up from March 2011.  you KNEW they were coming.

I spent the evening flagging photos, cropping, etc. getting them ready for your viewing pleasure. 

so many things to talk about. 

For example:

How clever I was to find GREEN for my kids to wear on the Sunday before St. Patrick's day.

How my sister flew all the way from Boston to hang out with me!  (she is the bomb)

What our lot is looking like these days. (as in house LOT, not "lot in life" lot)

What a "day in the life" looks like around here.

That time I acquired a new SISTER-IN-LAW. (wahooo!)

What we did in Utah with our fun families.  (just got back a week ago)

How I found out that my brother did some modeling for PRADA.  Hello?  And, was featured in a big magazine in China.  We're talking FULL PAGE SPREAD.  Famous by association?  You bet!

And, I bet you are DYING to see the delights I purchased on a GIRLS ONLY trip with some of my favorite friends.  Oh yes.  Just got back yesterday.  California is a great state.  Never done anything in my life like it.  So fun. 

So, we have a lot to catch up on, friends.  We'll be back here soon. 

In the meantime, in case you were curious about my little friend that I talked about a few days ago---she was a CHAMP during her major brain surgery. The surgeon feels confident they got the tumor out.  Now we wait to hear the results.  Pretty crazy, scary, and humbling all at the same time.  Thanks for letting me share that day. 

Until the next time.
Your friend,

1 comment:

Becker said...

Glad to hear little miss is doing all right. WHEW! Also, looking forward to many thrilling posts soon.


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