Wednesday, June 1, 2011

let's talk jeans...

Now I know many of you who might be reading this blog might be girls.
It's okay if you are a boy, but you may not be able to help me with my question.

How lucky would it be if we could go into a store (Old Navy) pick out our waist/inseam size, not bother trying them on, purchase them, and know they would be good?  How cool would that be?

Well, believe it or not, that's what Aaron did last weekend.  Seriously.  He knew he liked the bootcut jeans he got from there 5 years ago, walked in the store, found the BOOTCUT jeans in the color he liked, in his size, and purchased them.  And, of course, they fit great when he got home---just like he told me they would when I balked at his game plan.

Not fair.
Not fair.
Not fair.

But, as we are all aware, there are things in life that aren't fair.  Buying jeans when you are a woman stinks. (p.s. it is weird to think I am a "woman".  I don't feel very comfortable labeling myself as such)

Anyway, I recently found some slim fit---dark washed--straight legged--jeans that I really liked at (what do you know?) Old Navy.  I think they actually had the word "skinny jeans" on the tag----something I never thought I'd buy (even though I secretly have wanted to try for years).  They fit pretty well.  They weren't tight, just nicely fitted.  But!  Here's the clincher---they are low waisted and gape in the back around the waist.  Meaning, when I bend over to pick up toys/kids they slip right down off my rear-end.  This is, how you say?  NOT COOL.  Lame.  Gross.  Not to mention, EMBARRASSING for all parties involved.  Luckily I found this out when I tried them on again at home with the tags still on this afternoon.
Here's the thing, I don't want to spend another $35 on a piece of clothing I can't be comfortable in. 

So, let's talk jeans.  Where do you find them?  How do you find them?  Do you buy different fits/sizes/colors online and return the ones you didn't like?
And, let's talk price.  I know there are many pairs of jeans that cost hundreds of dollars.  I'd prefer to spend less than $50.  I think I'd prefer a medium rise. ? (I don't even know what that means, but I just don't want the darn things to slide off when I least expect it) dark wash. slim fit. straight leg. jean.  Advice wanted.

Oh, even though I am a card-carrying MOM, I don't really want to look like this: (I know, this has been around for a few years, but it's too darn funny)

And, even though I think Jessica Simpson is really pretty, and hate posting unflattering photos of anyone, I thought it was too funny when I came across this picture during my google search of "mom jeans":

Can you see the dilemma we women have?
Thanks in advance.


The Girl said...

Hey Melis.

Ok. So here are a few suggestions.

Gap- I would look there. I have actually found a few pairs on sale. They also have a lot of coupons they e-mail me. I can send you one next time. You can get like 30% off a pair of $70 or $80 jeans. It might also be worth spending a little more if you find something you like.

American Eagle- There is only one style I have gotten there lately. They are a little low rise though.

Target- I have gotten a pair or two from here that I like. I think the Mossimo "black label". It might be worth looking...but definitely a place with lots of options that can leave you empty handed too. If that makes sense!

If I think of anywhere else I will let you know! Good luck. Sounds like a trip to La Cantera is in order. Ha.

Oh. And David is the same with jeans. Doesn't have to try them on! I also have never liked old navy jeans on me.

Miss you!

AubreyB said...

If you're ever up here in Utah again (which it sounds like you guys are a lot), you should try the DownEast outlet stores. I just went to the one in Park City and got a $70 pair of jeans for $14 and a $180 pair for $21 - score! They take all the really nice brand name jeans that normally sell at Buckle for $100+ and sell them for way cheap. I love it!

Jenni said...

I like Express Jeans. You have to go when you either get a coupon in the mail or when they are having a good sale though, otherwise they are around $70. the majority of their jeans are low rise, but they do have some medium rise that I love. I just went to look at my pants and see what style they are, but it is washed away on all of the tags! plus I love their jeans because they come in "short". Not necessarily your problem though :)

Becker said...

Still working on this one, myself. I sometimes like Gap Jeans---sometimes not. Their Long and Lean from like 8 years ago were SPOT on, but I don't think they make them like that anymore. Best wishes in your jean search!

Anonymous said...

That pic of Jessica is funny, even though I know you did not mean to be mean.

Kristen said...

I need to check out these stores. Thanks for posting asking for suggestions so I didn't have to. :)

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

HEY! I have gone through so many different jeans that I finally just broke down and bought one pair of nice jeans that I only wear for nicer events. (I don't wear them to the park.) In my opinion its better to buy one pair of nice jeans then to buy 4 pairs of crappy jeans and try to make them look nice.

But as for everyday jeans I have to say Gap is probably the best. I saw that someone mentioned the Long and Lean- oh they were the best. Maybe you can go in and see if they have something that compares.

Good Luck! As for me I am on a search for Maternity jeans- MY sil told me about Forever 21 selling maternity jeans for 13 dollars! Wahoo!!!


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