Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the time I almost died of fright...

Okay, maybe the post title is a BIT dramatic, but then again, maybe not. 

I don't know, where would YOU put this creature on the SCARY scale?
taken from webmd
Yes, it's high on my scary scale.  And, tonight was not the first time I'd run into one.  No sir.  I believe this is the 4th scorpian I've met in my 5 years here in South Texas.  And, did I mention they have all been in MY HOUSE?!?  yes. that's right.  GAG ME!

So, even though it's 12:12 a.m., let's retell the tale.

Imagine me, sitting and humming along to the soundtrack of Country Strong (did not enjoy the movie, but like the music) minding my own business as I finished up some design work.  Fairly normal night.  Everyone was asleep.  I was chipping away at my never-ending list.  Life was good.

Then, Cal wakes up again.  Stinky diaper? loneliness? Ear infection?  Because he is the best sleeper on the planet, I'm confused.  Two hours ago, I was able to hold him, wrap him back up in his snuggly blanket, and get him back to sleep.  Since I was wrapping up on the computer anyway, I decided to go ahead and close up shop so I could attend to the wee lad. 

I go into the kitchen and grab some baby pain reliever, thinking, maybe I'll try giving him some to calm him down?---and start flipping off the lights so I won't blast Cal with all the brightness.  As I flip off the light, I notice something move a few feet in front of me on the carpet. 
You guessed it---Meet Mr. Scary Scorpian.  Did I just name him?  Yes.  Was he a male?  Do we care? No. 
yes, this is the same image taken from webmd

So, I proceed to die inside and then leap back a few feet!  Even though Aaron was in a deep state of sleep and was making weird sounds with his mouth (it happens from time to time--but hey, I talk in my sleep), I opted to wake him up STAT to address the situation. 

He sprang to action and I ran to show him the awful beast.  I was jumping and shuddering and leaping from place to place.  Aaron?  Cool, calm, and collected.  Per his usual.  He asked me to get a tupperware---and then thought better of it and decided to go for the kill.  These are big suckers, and I kept asking, "Are you sure?" 
He was sure.
Next he requested PAPER TOWELS.  A lot of them. 
Gag me. 

Between the 5 paper towels and our new glass bottle of STUBBS BBQ sauce---let's just say, Mr. Scary Scorpian is gone.
Aaron is my hero. 
(Thank the heavens that he was home!!!)
And, I was finally able to rescue Calvin.
----of course, though, as I went to open Cal's door, I stepped on a Cheerio and lost it all over again!  I think I threw out my back as I leapt across his room.  Scared me to death!

And that is the story of the SCARY scorpian. 
May his friends and relatives get the message that Aaron and his BBQ sauce mean business.  


Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

I would have died! Not something I would EVER want to come across!!!

Sarah said...

oh gross! As far as the scary scale - i couldn't even read the story. I got to "retell the tale" and saw the pictures and had to quit.

Tim and Melissa said...

AGAIN?!? I'm so sorry! How did I get so lucky to never see one while I was living in Texas? I can't stop laughing about the image of you stepping on the cheerio after. I hope your back is ok!!

Mark & Bek said...

That would be my worst nightmare!

Mark & Bek said...

Aaron, surprised you didn't go for a steak knife! remember Tahiti? Wow


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