Tuesday, May 17, 2011

list of the randoms...

::: I'm back in town again... and so far, no big travel plans in my near future. HALLELUJAH. don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed being able to go fun places and do great things this past month and a half, but I am a HOME-BODY. And, I'm just glad to lay low for a bit. And, maybe, you might just get lucky and see that I start blogging a little bit more?? 

::: Went to Quilt Market in SLC, Utah this past weekend with one of my favorite human-beings---my sister, Becca. She's a good one. And, a great little business associate. We have been on FABRIC overload, but it was SO cool to have a peek at this fascinating world of the fabric industry.  It was nuts. Obviously, I took some pictures---and some really GREAT ones of Becca dancing in our 80's garb for a big party with employees and friends of Riley Blake. You are in for a treat.

::: Speaking of Becca, remember how I talked about that amazing magazine, Seeing the Everyday  ???  Remember?  Anyway, Becca is going to be one of their interns this summer.  I am super jazzed for her!  And, she and my other sister, Emily, will be roomies for a bit.  Awesome squared.  And, Emily just moved into her OWN place this past Friday.  And it is rad.  I can't wait to grace the space with my presence.  Until then, I'm so excited for everyone involved.  Here's more on Becca's blog about the details. 

::: Let's take a time out and do another little "GOOD NEWS MINUTE".  Speaking of sisters---my little sister, Lizzy, just made the high school's Dance Company.  I'm so happy for her.  And, speaking of other sisters, my sis-in-law, Melody, just made it into the BYU's incredible theater company AND got a scholarship---as a FRESHMAN.  People, that's UNHEARD of.  Amazing.  Wow, I can't believe how lucky I am to be related to all this great talent.  Awesome.

::: I've been reading again. GASP! I know. I know. I'm not a big BOOK reader... I like magazines, blogs, internet reading, but don't really make the time for actual adult books (not shady/racy kind, just the normal human-being chapter books). Anyway, topping my recent reads is Princess Academy (a Newbery Honor winner that was recommended by one of my little sister's best friends, Mary Alice). Loved it. Read it in two days on vacation. And, am currently enjoying The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (it's my mom's copy and I've heard several great reviews). 
Any other books you think I DEFINITELY should read? I'm thinking a trip to the library is in order. I'm liking this book train I've been riding. NOTE TO BOOK ADVICE GIVERS: I like happy/uplifting reads. I am not a big fan of unhappy endings, really depressing story lines, and books that make me cry a ton. Just putting that out there.  Give advice accordingly.

::: I have a long span of time to cover here on the old BLOG. I was looking at all the photos I want to post----let's just say, we're in for a verrrrry verrrrrry long journey. I'm warning you in advance, my kids look a billion years older than they did last time I posted. (oh wait, Aaron posted ONE picture yesterday, but you catch my drift)

::: Traveling on an airplane by myself is MUCH more "enjoyable" than it is traveling with two kids under the age of three. For a long time, I've really pretty much HATED air travel of any sort---but as of late, think it's not too shabby when you aren't responsible for little bodies and you have a good book to enjoy. Just wanted to put that out there.

::: Our new house is coming along swimmingly. It's exciting to see the boards come up. Why don't I go ahead and show you the MATURATION PROCESS----of our house, silly. I don't know what you are thinking about. Oh, you may remember how we had to go that program in the 5th grade? And it happened to be on my best friend's birthday? Remember? And, then remember when it was OPTIONAL in 6th grade to attend again, and my mom was like, "Are you sure you don't want to go again, Melissa?" And, I didn't. But she still went. Oh yeah. I remember.

Let's talk about our house's maturation process. Here are some photos, as promised:

It started out with a cathedral of trees.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately, our house had to go somewhere, so MANY of those amazing oak trees had to go.  Boo.  Big BOO!  But, luckily there are still a bunch around the edges.

I got back from California to see the cement foundation all poured and ready for us to ROLLER BLADE on it!  AWESOME.  Look how smooth that big cement pad is?  And, look at those two crooked trees in front.  Crazy.  I hope a big wind gust isn't going to blow them over.  Aaron assures me that it probably won't happen.  PROBABLY being the key word.  

Kind of funny trees, but I love them all the same.

I was happy.  Tillie?  Not as happy.

The framing has happened.  Awesome.  Now it's seeming legit.
And, look what we spied with our little eyes... BRICK!  And, do you love that amazing million year old oak tree on the back corner of the lot?  Yes.  I do too.  It's the CROWNING JEWEL, if you will.  

So, thanks for appeasing me.  That's the latest and greatest for the time being.  
Updates to come soon (as she always says...).


Heather said...

i really love goose girl, enna burning, river secrets, and forest born... all in the bayern series by same author as princess academy. Book of a Thousand Days is good too. They are fun reads for summer, I think. I did NOT so much like Austen land from that author.

I LOVED this book, but I have to say I did cry. Let's see... oh, it's called 'these is my words'. I also read the 2 in the series after that. they were not as good, but interesting. I cried in those... a happier cry.

I'm a sporatic reader too. Like once a year I binge on lovely books.

So - how is it that all the girlies in your family are so super amazing! You must have one awesome mama to follow!

emily snyder said...

love everything about the post - minus the fact that there just aren't enough pictures?!?! when do we get them?!?!!?

ps heather, yup, our mama and our papa are pretty remarkable! what a fun thing for you to say!:)

Tyler and Erin said...

The house is looking fabulous! My Mom was at the quilt show and said something about Riley Blake winning first prize over all for their booth or something to that effect? AWESOME! Melimba and Beccaburry are freakin' awesome!

Jenni said...

Quilt market!!?? so fun! those two books are two of my favorites...and I love seeing the update on your house. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Rebecca Snyder said...

so weird that you don't have any trips planned, like ever... or at least that I know of. Those oak trees are beautiful... so are the people in the pictures with the oak trees.

elements: overexposed said...

So excited about the ol' casa! Congrats to you adults...all grown up in your big boy and girl pants! We're still punk teenage kids renting. ha!

Will you please text me Kajsa's cell when you have a minute? I had her number on my old phone.

Got the announcements in the mail today. They look great! Thanks for all your help! I'll call you soon...on the home phone of course :)


Kristen said...

Don't you love live oak? Every tree is so unique and gnarly. They are very cool trees, and I was sad to see some go in your lot too. Which 'hood are you building in? You don't have to announce on your blog, just pm me. :)

Tim and Melissa said...

How exciting! You've been busy - I'll be looking forward to the updates. Your house is looking so good. I'm excited for you guys!!! How is the house selling going?


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