Sunday, May 15, 2011

The first 1.5 weeks of May. Photo-Happy mother. Wow.

Okay, so I must have been feeling pretty sentimental on the girl's trip I took---b/c I was PHOTO HAPPY when I came home. 
Believe it or not, ALL of the following photos were taken in only 1.5 weeks.  Wow.  I wanted to capture everything.  So, feel free to see what we packed in during those few days.  Apparently, it was a lot. 
But remember, you've been warned.

::: Since we had a FREE birthday meal for Matilda at Red Robin, you KNOW we cashed that one in.  Boo yah.  Love free meals.  Looks like she does too.
I love this fake smile.  So funny.
Cal loves a FREE birthday meal too.  Aaron does too, he's just hiding his emotions...
big boy calvin.  don't believe me?  check out the next one.
wow!  There's a REASON he's as big as he is!  :)  I love this shot of him taking the bull by the horns.
 ::: After our FREE lunch (do you like how I keep capitalizing it?), we went to the school's playground by our new house.  Luckily, it's going to be within walking distance for us.  Tillie is elated at the thought of it all.  We decided to test out the playground for a little while. Both kids were fans.

I'm loving that so many playgrounds are putting these new swings in!  What a blessing for so many parents with disabled kids!  And, well, what a blessing for kids who just love to relax.  Err...
love those whispy hairs.
oh yeah. this is nice.
love the tummy action happening.  she's relaxed. what can you do?!

::: I finally finished those red cushions I made from all the faux red leather I bought.  Here's the tutorial if you are interested in trying them out.  Super easy to do---if you don't use faux leather.  It was a butt to hand sew in the end.  Yes, I just used the word "butt".  I may very well get grounded for saying that.  It's a risk I have to take.  It was that annoying to do.  But, really, if I would have used NORMAL cloth fabric (Even canvas would have been better), I think I would have had a better experience.  

Thankfully, the kids seem to enjoy them and Cal uses them every time he wants to watch a movie.  Darling child.  I love him for it.

Here they are playing with them.  Both in stripes.  I love a good stripe.

 I love that the kids both got sick of playing with them, so Cal grabbed a Placker and started flossing his teeth.  Tillie grabbed her crayons and got to work.  Funny.

Since they were both happy, and I had some extra bananas laying around, I decided to make some banana bread.  I wanted to experiment with different types of chocolate chips and nuts---so I added them at the end and mixed them around with a spoon.  I thought it was pretty genius, but I'm sure others have thought of doing this before. 
Oh, and yes, they all turned out delicious.  You know I scarfed daintily sampled them all.

:::  Playing in our ghetto grass.  Thank you Texas weeds.  Anyway, since we had just started showing our home to perspective buyers, we decided we'd better try harder at watering the yard.  Well, one thing leads to another and people get wet.  You can see the rest of the story now...

portrait of a DRENCHED child.  don't worry, he got even.  Tillie got soaked.  Decided to take matters into her own hands...
apparently her wet threads were holding her back...
feeling so proud of herself with a coy smile.
"Oh yeaaah! I'm number one!"
back to work.
 hAAA!  Sorry, I had to.  It was just TOO funny to see her strap her high tops back on after she'd stripped down.  I had to record the event.  And, of course, I had to show you all how funny it was. 

::: Progress on the house.  ALWAYS a highlight.  

::: I had just come back from the Girl's Trip and decided to take a few photos of a few of the goods I had purchased.  Look at these awesome HUGE spools of thread we got for a $1/each.  Awesome.  I compared it to the little spools they sell at JoAnn's and Walmart for normally $1.30 +  ---and seeing the group all together made me happy.  Such fun colors.
here's the linen I got a billion yards of.  I love it.
I had a ton of paper laying around (Weird) so we did body tracings of Tillie.
Apparently Cal wanted in on the action.  Can you tell?  So funny.
Love his little faux hawk.  He is so cute and pudgy.  Oh, I love this boy!
 ::: Twinner sunglasses. I love it.

 ::: More house progress!

 ::: Random happy face of Cal.  Look at those chompers!  Love it.

 ::: Random day at SeaWorld.  Love that place.

But what I love even more is Tillie's accessories.
No, what I love MOST are Aaron's sunglasses.  Yes, those are the ones his Grandma Petty let him have.  They are the same kind they give you at the optometrist after they dilate your eyes.  So convenient that you don't even have to take off your regular glasses.  I get the convenience.  But, "The Look" isn't all that awesome.  What a sordid group.  You should have seen me.  I'm sure I fit right in.
she LOVES her carousel time.
so does Aaron.  even though you can't tell.
again, awesome glasses.

::: We ate a LEGIT dinner.  It was worth making record of.  I think this was Aaron's gift to me on Mother's Day.  Delish.

::: Random day cleaning out the car.  Poor Cal is in his hot jammies in the crazy heat.  Whoops.
Tillie collecting her flowers.

::: More progress on the house!!

Whew!!! You made it!  Wow.  Go give yourself a break.  I'm gonna take one too!

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i love love love ALL the pictures and updates and glimpse into every day life!!!


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