Saturday, May 21, 2011

middle of may 2011

Here we are in the middle of May 2011.  Good times for the Wood family.
Let's see why:
::: Sea World San Antonio, baby!

this girl is fearless. for the most part.

yes, she is pushing him.  you wanna see how much he liked this game?

yeah.  not much.

love that profile.  love that boy.

again, the crazy Tillie is at it again.  Aaron just let her do her monkey thing and she went for it.  Amazing.

made it.

::: Playground at La Cantera outdoor mall.  They loved this little park.  I love these little faces.

::: Melissa learns how to turn on the bbq all by herself and decides to make hot dogs one evening for dinner when Aaron was working late.  Check out those grill marks.  I'd say that's professional work right there.  Feel free to call me the grill master.  Yes, this was a note worthy event.

::: Random pictures of the kids being crazy and ridiculous.  No, I normally don't let them bring pillows into the kitchen because, let's face it, the kitchen floor isn't always very clean.  Also, feel free to nominate me for MOTHER OF THE YEAR award.  Check out the handle on the frying pan.  Hello?  Why was she allowed to play so close to the stove top?  I'll ask the nanny.  Oh wait...

I guess I decided to shoo them outside next.  Same shirt, different colors.  I'm being economical these days and buying boy shirts for the Til-Meister so that I can kill two birds with one stone as Cal grows up.  Hey, it's better than buying shirts with lots of pink and butterflies on them.

As a side note, the kids love to play outside.  Too bad the weedy grass in San Antonio was killer on their bare feet.  Are these next ones of Tillie upset because of the ouchiness of the grass?  Maybe.  But, doubtful.  I'm sure Calvin wronged her.  This is the Classic Devastated/Wronged Tillie episode.  Horrible to see, I know.

Ahh, yes.  I think Cal was stealing her rocks.  The nerve.  Before we decided to go back inside, I decided to snap a picture of the matchy matchy Crocs.  Again, I'm economical.  What can I say?

::: Another day in the yard, another curly Sue.  I love what the humidity would do to Til's hair.  So cute.  Even cuter?  That outfit she's rockin'.  Yes, I let her pick out most of her outfits these days... well, if we are staying at the house.  If we go anywhere, I'll intervene.

Does anyone else think she looks like a female pro wrestler with those shorts on?  Or maybe it's the combo with the high tops?  I don't know what it is, but I'll say this: it's funny.  If you look through the pictures next, you might think so too.

Man, I love that kook.

Can't forget the Mr. Cal.  What a cheeser he is.  And, would you look at ALL those teeth?!

Man alive, I could write so many captions with these photos, but I'll spare you all.  I just love seeing all their expressions.  

same day, same outfits, happily in front of the tv.  They are good tv buddies.

::: Tillie hanging out while we went to check on the progress of the house.  Again, such great style sense.

::: We matched up with some dental school friends.  It was fun to see how everyone was and get filled in on the details of what everyone had been up to for the last year since they'd graduated.  Good times.

again, Tillie loves to control Calvin.  He loves it.  Oh wait...

stink eye at it's finest.

there you have it, middle of may 2011.

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