Friday, May 6, 2011

Girl's Trip 2011---All Fabric, All the time---and food. and fun.

I only posted a few pictures from our 1st Annual GIRL'S TRIP.  And, I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from the fun weekend we had.  If you want to see a better synopsis of the fun time, head over to Jandee's blog. She's the bomb.  

Each girl had a certain task assigned to her before we ventured to California:
Jandee = hotel
Ashley = flights, rental car
Natalie = navigator (nat the navigator)
Melissa = musical entertainment

You think I'm lying, but I assure you, I'm not.  I took my job very seriously.  Here's the proof. 
unfortunately/fortunately, we ended up chatting most of the time we were in the car---or figuring out directions.  So, the songs had to be appreciated in the comfort of our homes LATER.  hA!
One of the big reasons we wanted to head to LA was to see their amazing Fabric District.  We'd heard rave reviews and thought it would be best to experience it ourselves.  And, it was a crazy wonderful world we found.   Enjoy the plethora of pictures I'll post of a SMALL FRACTION of beautiful madness we encountered.  (wow, anyone else notice all the big words I just used?  awesome.)

look at that cute pregnant Ashley! I can't believe how great she did walking ALL over town being pregnant!
I loved this silk SO much and am now regretting that I didn't grab some of it.  Amazing design!
seasoned pro on the ladder.
Natalie was standing in MINKY heaven.  We ended up getting it for $5/yd---which is amazing compared to what it costs in our stores (normally $15-20/yd).  We all bought our fair share---but I think Natalie took the cake in the Minky department.
Jandee is in trim heaven here, as were we all.
is it weird I wanted a glitzy bow in every color?

::: As we were leaving the fabric district, we spied these little numbers.  Thank you see-thru-jeggings-or-something-like-that.  Gag me.  But, funny, nonetheless.   You wouldn't be surprised if I told you I purchased the floral ones, would you?  
 just kidding.  Sheesh, can't you take a joke?  Denise would ground me for my entire existence!!!

::: Our lovely friend, Liz, suggested this fine establishment...

 Upon seeing a lady in a super short/super-duper-low-cut spandex number, Natalie's face says it all. 
I've seen some crazy apparel here in Tejas, but that little number the woman was sporting beats all. hAA!

Yes, that really is CHICKEN AND Waffles.  Or as THEY say, "ChickenN'waffles"---the "A" and "D" are optional, really.  Weird combo, but surprisingly satisfying.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach, but overall, it was pretty good.

::: Here's a little sampling of our loot at the end of the day.  hA!  We piled it all on the bed for a more dramatic effect. 

::: Another highlight of our time in LA was the food.  I know this is kind of gross to post a half eaten meal, but I always want to remember it.  It was THAT good.  I believe this meal was purchased at Dough Boys.  All of us loved our meals, and talked about going back there another time, but alas, it never happened.  
I ordered this breakfast delight... in it there were tomatoes, ham, onion, basil, eggs, and bow tie noodles.  And then a side of corn bread.  I wish I could eat it right this minute.  Delicious.

::: At one point we met up with another of our friends, Mrs. Liz and her darling boy, Porter.   We ALL love Liz.  And with this face, who wouldn't?!

I really liked this painting of hot air balloons, so I took multiple pictures.  I have a feeling that hot air balloons are in my future.  Lots of them.  I'm thinking Tillie's future bedroom in our new house...

::: Gotta take the quintessential beach photos.  I think I have pictures just like this from choir tours, and school trips from yester-year.  Too funny.

::: After being appalled that two members of our group had never had pedicures (confession: I was one of them), we found a place near Venice beach and ran in before they closed.  It was pretty fun, I'll admit.  And, SUPER fun to have dear Bekah in our midst.  She is a keeper.  We love that fun and fiery red-headed-gal. 
Can you who each foot belongs to?

Random little kid boutique we passed by walking.  Since it was night time, I didn't get great shots, but I love how they decorated their space.  And, the ceiling?  Amazing.

The next day we all left home.  I had some a few hours to kill on my own after the other girls left, and blogged about some of that here.

What did I end up buying?  I'll tell you now and show you projects later...  yellow/white striped silk, about 30 yards of gray/tan linen (literally, they're for curtains in the new house), mustard corduroy, a million yards of elastic, a billion yards of knit (okay, exaggerating a bit---Jandee, you'd better teach me to make those maxi dresses and skirts when I'm up there next!), and about 6 yards of aqua faux-snake-skin leather.  Oh yes I did.  And, covered a few of my dining room chairs with it already. They are so easy to wipe up gross spills!  Huzzah!!
Here are a few photos to illustrate:
I've never noticed how nicely our the woods from our chair and floor match.  Who knew!?
here's a close up, but notice the color is not accurate.  the color is much brighter, like in the other shots.
don't look too closely at the high chair---seriously.  those things have been through the war.
There you have it.  
All in all, it was a DELIGHTFUL trip with girls that I just love.  I wish we could all live in a little commune together, b/c they are THAT great.  Thanks for letting me tag along, sweet girls.

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