Wednesday, April 28, 2010

remember when? end of april 2010.

Remember when Tillie thought it would be fun to dump the brand new box of Cheerios all over the floor? Oh yeah, I do. That was a fun mess to clean up. The dilemma I faced was "3 second rule? or the 3 minute rule?" Ahhh, the decisions of a house wife.

Remember how much Tillie loves cereal? Oh yeah, I do. She might love them as much as her parents do. Remember how cute her hair looks pulled back in a pony tail loop?

Remember when Tillie discovered she could open up the back sliding door all by herself? Oh yeah, I do. Remember how she thought it was really funny to open the door, let the stinky flies come in, and then let all the AC out? Oh yeah, I do.

Remember when I chose her random outfits out? Oh yeah, I do.

Remember how Tillie's dad is, (and I quote) "Morally opposed" to these strawberry-bum pants? Oh yeah, I do.
Remember how Tillie's Nana Nise (aka the most conservative woman ever) was the one who gave them to her? Oh yeah, I do.
And, remember when I would have Tillie wear them just to get a reaction from her dad? Oh yeah, I do.

Remember when Aaron bought Tillie a bubble maker that would make HUGE bubbles?

Remember how much she loved that?Remember how ridiculously hot it gets in Texas? Remember how Calvin would sweat so much in his car seat?

Remember how I did NO editing to this next photograph of Matilda?

Remember how she is her mother's daughter and gets a ridiculously red face when she is hot? Sad.
Yes, I remember that. Sorry, Tillie, for passing down that lucky trait.

Just thought I should remember these things before I forgot. That's all.


Rebecca Snyder said...

Couldn't help but sing that country song in my head, "remember when..." oh so special. love tillie's hot face.

LinDsEy ShaUn said...

i love remembering. love it.


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