Monday, April 26, 2010

blessing day for calvin and utah trip FEB 2010

Well, seeing as Calvin's blessing happened a long time ago, I thought I'd better get cracking to update the blog. I can't believe how much this boy has grown since that sweet day, back in February. Aaron was able to bless him in his family's home in Utah. We had a lot of family and friends around to help celebrate the special day, and as we looked around, we remembered how blessed we are.

Anyway, here are some pictures to document that special time.
Man alive, I love this little boy SO much. He looks so sweet in these pictures, but I promise, he's EVEN sweeter in real life. Remember how I told you he was perfect? Still true. TOTALLY perfect.

*confession, I took these pictures of him by himself about a week and a half AFTER the blessing. They were looking a little more SNUG in these photos than they did the day of his blessing. hA! We can attribute that to his remarkable GROWTH!

This next one's angle is a little wonky, but it looks so funny to me. What a strapping young man!

The boots are from one of my best friends, Kajsa.
They were perfect for our little Texan to represent his homeland.

love the little red fuzz.

again, another funny angle, but I couldn't help posting it. So cute!

little smile.

now with the hat. love this one.

this next one was him telling us, "Get me out of these clothes. Quit snapping photos and swaddle me up. Now, please."
Is he annoyed or what?

***OKAY, now we are ready to show pictures from the actual blessing day. We had dinner at my parents house before the big event. Here's my mom, over-prepared with a TON of delicious soups she made. Amazing, that woman.

Funny image. Let's take a zoom in (click on image to make bigger) and check out Cal's googley eyes. Best part of this picture. Hands down.

The Jess-man. Yes, Cal and Tillie's infamous "Uncle Jesse" not to be confused with the same Uncle Jesse on Full House... although they both have beautiful long hair.

here's a big family picture. gotta love these when everyone is around.

***Now we're at the Wood home. Friends and family are arriving and I was just getting him dressed in the middle of it all. Did I mention how lucky we are to have such GOOD and WONDERFUL people in our lives? Good. So glad. Shout out to you all (even though we don't have many pictures of you all there. Why did we not take a group shot?).

Just after Cal was blessed. Perfect. Happy. Good.
**Photo op time.
I don't know about you, but these two pictures with dads in my life... just love it.

love this of Tillie and Aaron. Gotta love how happy Cal was at this point. :)
Good good day.

***Random events that took place in Utah.

Aaron and I decided to go on a date, just the two of us. Why not take advantage of all the good family around that loves to spend time with our kiddos? So, we did something we'd never done together before. That's right. After being together for 6+ years, we'd never gone bowling. It was great.

Aaron's name on the score board was "Big Thunder" (but showed up on the screen as "BIG THU" which made me laugh every time I read it). Thus, it became his nickname the rest of the day.

Here I am posing with my NEW LOOKING shoes. Seriously, some of the shoes they rent out to you look like they've been worn WAY too many times. I was content with the newness of these puppies.
Aaron took a bowling class at BYU... which he reminded me of a few times that day. Thus, he has excellent form. My late grandparents, Vivian and Elmer (who were BOTH on traveling bowling teams), would be proud.

I think they have bowling alleys in heaven (minus the cigarette smoke smell), and one day I think we should all bowl together. And, maybe they can show me how to break 100. One day...

***Aaron had a few job interviews lined up in Oregon (which were totally LAST MINUTE, by the way) and so, he flew up on Wednesday and came home the next morning. Here are some awesome photos he took while there. Man, that Pacific Northwest is sure pretty. Feel free to click them to make bigger. You won't regret it.

***Remember how our fabric line hit the stores when I was there? That was awesome and exciting. So, we had to go up to Material Girls and take a few shots to see it in person.

*** Snow. There was TONS of snow in Utah when we came. Tillie loved it. She loved when my dad showed her how to make slush piles and then you jump on them and they explode. Her rain boots were perfect for such an occasion.
She also loved it when her dad would pull her around on the sled. A snow bunny indeed.

nice winter garb, Aaron.

***Calvin was laying on the floor, and we joke that he looks so much like my dad with no hair. So, we made my dad lay down by him. I love it.

*** My family took a little trip to St. George. Gotta love the big rocking chair at a Beaver gas station along the way.
For the record, Matilda is darling. I can say that because I love her the most (aaron does too).

Here are some random shots of us while there.
***We stopped off in Cedar City and visited my two lovely grandparents, Dora and Don. Love them. And, love that they got to meet my little Cal. Even though Calvin's face may not show it, I'm thinking he was a fan of the event.

Love this shot with my dad, my boy, grandpa, and Uncle Larry.

***No trip would be complete without the fun of Tillie and Cal's cousins! They are so lucky to have so many built in-forever-friends! Look at some of these darling Wood grand-babies. Miss Matilda loves playing with them. And, yes, don't you think that Tillie and Krieg (in the green and yellow hoody) could be siblings? Yes, we think so too.

Fun fun. There you have it. The Utah trip in a nut-shell. Good times... yet again.


Sarah said...

Lydia has those same boots but she has a brown and a pink pair. Love them. What a cute family you are building.

Tyler and Erin said...

What a darling family! I love all of Cal's faces. Cracks me up.


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