Friday, April 30, 2010

go utah jazz.

Because Aaron loves the Utah Jazz so much, we do too.

He might be one of their biggest fans.

I feel kind of bad for him that he has to watch the games live online with SUPER pixel-ey image. It's funny, because unless you know the players well and how they move, you'd have NO IDEA who is who on the court. Luckily, Aaron has them memorized and loves them all.

Anyway, knowing this about Aaron, it makes sense that Calvin received a little Jazz shirt of his own. I know I posted a picture a while back of him in it, but I had taken a lot more, so I'm posting a few of those... because I can't believe how little our families know about this little boy of ours. They never see him, so we're making up for it here and now. hA! Lucky everyone.

this may be one of my most favorite photos, to date.

get a load of those cheek rolls of Calvin's. oh my.

Go Jazz, Go! Let's take it this year.
beat those Denver THUG-ettes.
no offense to you denver fans. but honestly...


Tiff and Chris said...

Yeah! The Jazz are moving on...such a cute lil t-shirt!

stephanie said...

those are the best pics yet!!!!!!!


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