Tuesday, April 6, 2010

we have ourselves a winner!

Well, before I announce the winner, I have to say, "Where in the world did you guys come from??"

I think we're all a little blown away at the response we had to this give away. I'm thinking "Who knew so many people liked FREE fabric?" hA!

Pretty amazing you were all willing to give us such GREAT responses to our questions of what design ideas you had and color combo's you were loving. We LOVED reading each and every idea and are definitely going to give them a try!

And, it was interesting that none of you noticed that I posted the give-away on APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!! HAAAA!!! So, NONE of you will be going home with the prize pack.

KIDDING! totally just kidding. Would that be rude or what??? I had no idea that it was April Fool's Day when I posted, but Aaron pointed it out to me yesterday morning. Hilarious indeed.

There IS, in fact, a definite winner. And lucky reader is.....

drumroll please.....

love leaving you in suspense......






I counted the entries THREE times, just to be sure... Britta was lucky winner!!
Blogger Britta said...

CUTE fabric! Love the umbrellas!
I think little owls or birds would be cute for fabric.

April 2, 2010 5:04:00 PM CDT

Great ideas, Britta!
As I checked out Britta's blogger profile, I found out that she has an Etsy store AND blog called Britta's Boutique! Too fun! Check it out, people!


So, now the rest of you are happy for Britta, I know, but perhaps feel a little sorry for yourselves? Well, get excited, because you have another chance to win.

Guess what company is doing ANOTHER give-away on their blog?? Well, that would be the lovely Riley Blake Designs team! But, they aren't giving away just OUR fabric line, they are giving away some of THREE different lines! All you have to do is leave a comment about which of the three you like best.

Hmmm... which one do you like best? hint. hint. :) Totally kidding.

Really, choose your favorite, and then if you are selected, you get some of each line! NeATo. So, feel free to go here and let your voice be heard.


In other news, I have a few darling friends (who I actually grew up with, can you believe my luck?) who are doing give-aways on their blogs now too. Sheesh, so much love these people are sharing with y'all. Lovely indeed.

My friend, Michelle, of Epicurean Style is giving away a Mother and Daughter set of matching aprons, or two sets of adult aprons (depending on your fancy) just in time for Mother's Day. Darling. Just darling. Go check it out!

And, another friend, Hannah-Banana (that's not what she goes by, but I felt like calling her that) of Sherbet Blossom is doing a billion give-aways all this month too. Feel free to check her blog often for all the prizes you could win there.

Wait, maybe I shouldn't tell you all to go to those blogs, so it will increase MY odds for winning. Hmmm... good point. Oh well.

Anyway, so, if you were MAD at me for not getting chosen for our give-away, then you should be GLAD I pointed you in the direction of a few more. Right? Right.

Oh, one more thing...



Lyssa said...

K he is a mini-aaron. I just had to say that!
Thanks for the heads up with all the giveaways!

Britta said...

Wow! I never win anything. I'm SO excited to win this giveaway. I will give you my home address in an email right away. Thanks so much!

a pair of pettijohns said...

woohoo for britta! make something cute and make us all proud! :)

i will overlook the fact that cal is a jazz fan, but only because he is TOO DARN CUTE. like, mega cute. so cute in fact, that i bought him a little "you're so cute" welcome to the world present today.

Jordan and Jandee said...

Go Jazz indeed (love the onesie!), when Jordan was pacing the floor last night, I said, "i can't believe you aren't on the phone with Aaron right now!".....he said, "I don't know if either of us can talk right now," and indeed he would not have formed many coherent sentences, just yelps & growls.

Danielle said...

I am glad that Britta won. She is my sister-in-law. Her girls will be so excited for what she makes them with the fabric. FUN!


kanishk said...

make something cute and make us all proud! :)
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