Wednesday, April 28, 2010


this was taken yesterday morning on his way out the door.

It's official.
Last day of clinic was yesterday.

Dental school is officially over.

(and the crowd cheers!!! cyber high fives all around!!!)

and, I just got a call.
Contract signed.
We have a job!

Well, let's start back in January. Remember how we had a baby? Yes. Good.

Then we were pretty serious about the Navy. Yes, the Navy. Apparently there was an opening ready for him in Atsugi, Japan and they wanted us there this summer! We were set. Aaron did all the paperwork, got the letters of recommendations... it was pretty much a done deal. We were so excited! I even bought him an English to Japanese Dictionary and Lonely Planet Japan guide book for his birthday. Well, in the end, it just didn't feel right, so we decided to not go that route.

Then there was the plan to open up a practice here in town with one of Aaron's BFFs. Thought long and hard about that one, and decided that's not the right route for us either... at the moment.

Then decided, let's go up to the Pacific Northwest and test the waters. We've always imagined living up there for "REAL LIFE" one day, why not go now? So, we made some contacts, sent out a bunch of resumes and got some good response. But, in the end, decided that's not the route for us either... at the moment.

So... after all that huge roller-coaster-emotional-ride (I was wiggin')---we've decided....
drum roll, please....

to work at the MALL!
yes, after 13 years of public school, 4 years to a bachelor's degree, and then another 4 years to a doctorate degree----he'll be working next to an Orange Julius and Hot Topic (aaron's favorite store... ha!).

Nice. I love it. Did I mention this mall has a Sbarro Pizza in it? Double nice.

I've always wanted to be a MALL RAT and here's my chance. Can you imagine how ghetto fabulous I'd look waltzing around with my double stroller? Oh yeah.

We are thrilled to have such a cool opportunity to work in town. We went a few weeks ago to check out the practice, and believe it or not, there were over 50 people in the waiting room. !!! Let's get to work, dude! Earn us some mooooolah!

Aaron has worked long and hard and we are super proud of him.

The official graduation ceremony is in a few weeks, but the real big deal is the license exam... which happens this weekend. Once that's over, we'll breathe a little easier. Aaron's darling and lovely sister has agreed to be his patient and is flying in, special, for him. Pretty wonderful of her to do this!!

Anyway, this is me sending the universe good vibes for them.

And, another note, if you happen to be attending BYU Women's Conference tomorrow and Friday, hop on over to listen to MY SISTER speak! That's right, awesome Emily has been asked to speak at Women's Conference... because she is just THAT amazing.
I know. I'm lucky. I get it. Best friend/sister on my eternal team. I know.

She's speaking Friday at 12:30 in room "2254 CONF "(i think it's in the Wilkinson Center).

Anyway, we've picked out her outfit, and she is going to look FABULOUS, and not only that, I've heard bits and pieces she's planning to talk about... let's just say, incredible.
It's a win win, people.

I wish I could be there.

Three cheers for Em!
Three Cheers for Aaron and him finishing dental school!
Three Cheers for Melody for being a willing patient!

And, why not, three cheers for ME for posting!
you're welcome.


Grey Sky Blue said...

HOLY Crapulations!!! What an awesome time for you guys! I hate my life that I can't go hear Em speak. She's pretty much my hero.

erin said...

Congrats on being done with school!!! And the new job!

Tyler and Erin said...

Congrats! and congrats on the job offer too. Exciting! Oh and I got your message to add you to the blog and as soon as I can get over to my parents house to use their computer I'll do just that! You see... we like to bumm internet service off my uncle. (some strange reason we pick up his better than my parents who live 50 feet away) Well the brilliant uncle decided to block blogging. I can't access my blog and change settings or do new posts. Dumb? ya! He has very very high parental guards on his internet. He must have just raised his security because before I could do it just fine. Thought about calling and complaining but oh wait....I'm the one bumming the service off of him. :-) Gotta love it. At least I know there will be no bare feet or a belly button seen on my computer. Seriously I can't even look up children swimsuits.

cbo said...


a pair of pettijohns said...

what's that i hear?

oh, that's the sound of san antonio cheering it's heart out that the WOODS ARE STICKING AROUND for a bit! :)

congrats to team wood for a job well done! i know how it takes the WHOLE TEAM to survive school, so big high fives to you all.

congrats!! and enjoy those paychecks. it's a wonderful thing...

Sarah said...


Kristen said...

wow, interesting options you guys had! we have a mall 2 minutes from our house and I take the kids there to go to the mall park on bad weather days. my kids have to physically drag me out of stores. It's a blessing and a curse to have it so close, letmetellya.

Good luck with WREB and that is awesome Aaron got such a good patient, his SIL. Many people have been screwed by theirs, so it's good to have one you know. Best of luck to you guys in your school free adventures. yay!


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