Wednesday, April 21, 2010

oh my!

ok, after much thought and consideration (and persuasion from my friends and mother), we (along with the help of Nana and Papa) decided to get this beauty for Matilda Mae (and her siblings that follow after (i.e. calvin and possibly others in the future)) for her 2nd (yes, you read that correctly, 2nd) birthday.

too many parenthesis in that last paragraph? definitely.

I ordered it late Friday night.
To my great surprise, it arrived yesterday.

Tillie's birthday is this next Saturday.

I can't help it.
I'm setting it up TODAY. As in NOW. Is that so wrong?

Too bad that I've already clocked 4+ hours and I'm STILL not finished setting it up. And, yes, I knew that it would take a while to assemble. All the online reviews told me so.

But, I will say this, cordless drills ARE all they are cracked up to be.
(brother Adam, yes, your Christmas gift to us is STILL a favorite around here).

Wish me luck.
One day... the kitchen will be finished.
Isn't it darling? Let's take another look at it.
**both aaron and my sister told me I only liked the kitchen b/c the little girl was dressed up so cute next to it---they are only partly correct.


stampinashley said...

I love your choice in kitchen. I wanted so badly to get a wooden kitchen when we bought ours, they are beautiful, and kinda retro, which I totally dig. But everyone kept telling me that I would hate it, I should get plastic, it's lighter, kids don't hurt their head... BLAH. My decision, I regret, I now covet yours.

Tim and Melissa said...

Sooo cute! She will love it! I'm proud of you for getting it!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE it and LOVE the color! What is the brand/where did you get it from? I'm sure one of these days we will need to break down and buy a kitchen as well (especially with two little girls)...maybe for Christmas!
I'm sure Tillie will love it.

emily snyder said...

oh my heavens!! that kitchen is the most incredibly beautiful kitchen i have ever seen!! and yes, becca and aaron are right. i can't wait until you post that you have dressed tillie up in a matching outfit . . . :) had i known it was this beautiful, there would NEVER have been any doubt that you should buy it!

Katie said...

My mom has the same one in her playroom! So cute!

Rebecca Snyder said...

i need that bandana. and the kitchen.

mommyballs said...

Emma definitely needs that and in RED!!! BEST COLOR EVER!!! Do share where it is from . . . B-day #2 comes up in August and G-parents always need ideas!!!

Kristen & Brooks said...

don't you love it!!


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