Friday, April 16, 2010


Well team, I have some exciting news.
Ready, set, go!

* Have you ever heard of the blog, True Up? I've been a follower for a while now (we're talking years, people)... and guess who emailed me a few days ago? Yes, that would be the author, Kim. She wanted to do an interview with Becca and I about our fabric line, and of course, we said, "YES!" I'm still reeling that she contacted us. !!!
Guess what is on her blog right now? That very same interview! We're dying, of course, because this blog is a BIG thing in the fabric world. Who knew this little line of fabric could provide such cool opportunities for us!?! Not I!

Anyway, to see the interview go here. And, if you comment over there, you have a chance to win fat quarters from every piece in our line! NICE! So, feel free to head on over there. And, wow, are we long winded or what? Feel free to skim the interview. We are lame (and it shows!).

* In other news, I've been creating a bunch of those "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" cards for people. My friend, Bekah, suggested I put it on my etsy site, and we've been busy with that ever since. Here are a few different dresses some of the brides have asked for:

This one was funny, because she had a "bridesman" in her wedding party.

* Okay, more news... I decided to purchase a fun dress pattern from this blog, MADE. Have you guys ever seen all the crazy darling things this girl whips up? I've heard from different sources that these dresses are fairly un-complicated to make---but I've never attempted them before. Instead of trying to "wing-it" on my own, I decided to buy a pattern to help. I'll let you know how they turn out! Below is an image from her blog of the different dresses featured. Love them all.

* This guy, Tony Horton, is killing us.

Aaron and I may or may not have started P90X----ok. we did. Our trash is getting kicked. We are finding muscles that we never knew existed. The YOGA video is so hard, I wanted to cry. Literally. The yoga one, especially, is so S-L-O-W! Are you honestly supposed to hold the poses for THAT long? boo. killer boo. I kept telling Aaron last night that I needed an attitude adjustment. In the end, we finished the workout, all 1 hour and 30 minutes, but I swear, it was the longest hour and thirst minutes of my LIFE! Wish us luck as we huff and puff along.

* Tillie's birthday is rapidly approaching, and I am in denial. No way will she be two. NO WAY. She is so darling... Aaron and I think we are obsessed with our kids. Is that a crime?
Here are some shots from the crazy blue bonnets EVERYwhere around town... (the pink dress of Tillie is from her Nana 'Nise for Easter. She loved it. I'll save the other pictures of the rest of the crew for later).

FYI... you can click these pictures below to see them bigger. gotta love ALL those blue bonnets. And, Matilda looks pretty sweet too.

love this one where she is waving and yelling, "hi!" to us.

she thought it was so funny her dress was blowing up!

* Do you love that Aaron actually posted again? Me too. Just so you know, there are about a ZILLION more photos that those knuckle-head boys took. And, they ALL happen to be on my computer. Guess who's gonna be posting a PART 2 of their BOYS trip? me.

get excited.

so there is the news. done for now.


Sarah said...

A have a VERY similar picture of me in the blue bonnets in Texas in our Sunday dresses. Can't resist those Texas state flower!

a pair of pettijohns said...

dear tillie,
please. you are too stinkin' cute for words. you, your little pink dress and all those blue bonnets are the TRI-FECTA of darlingness.

thanks for shout out, you are too kind - i have NO doubt those little cards were headed for etsy on your very own will! SO glad the rest of the world thinks they're as darling as we do. if you're going to post a linky-link to my blog, do you think i owe the readers a NEW picture to look at first thing instead of my pilsbury dough boy feet? yes. agreed.

oh, and the last image of the bridesmaids dresses? SOOOO cute. everything you make is darling - including your kids :)

Kristen said...

such cute blue bonnet pics. totally love them.

racharooo said...

I am constantly amazed by you.
BTW, I will still ditch being a dietitian and work for you -- can you teach creative genius? Or is it inherent?

Russ and Nat said...

Wow ok:

Item #1 - seriously I couldn't agree with you more about Yoga X - the worst! It really was the slowest hour and a half ever.....even longer than being in labor without an epidural I think - and they need to spice up the music
#2 - I LOVE that dress pattern. Way cute - I definitely am going to have to make one.......actually make that 2....

You are great and I am SO happy that things are going so well for you - you deserve every bit of it!

Tim and Melissa said...

Wow! You have been busy. What a fun interview of you guys. I still need to come up with something to make from your is just too cute! I've been meaning to ask you how your new workout was going. Good job! Darling pics in the bluebonnets too!!

Becker said...

You. Are. Amazing.

I read the interview. You're like--the movie starlets of fabric lines right now. Love it.

And...I hope I win! :)

adam wood said...

Can you please tell the bluebonnets to hang on 'til we get there! Honestly, Matilda is the cutest little two year old there ever was. Love that dress. you can tell she loves it too!!!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

we did P90X for one month....oops. But it was great while it lasted. We really need to pick that up again. I love the interview and of course I love the fabric line. You guys are awesome. I love the pictures of Tillie. So cute.


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