Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BYU / OU game!

I don't know how we were able to make it happen, but for one weekend last year, September 4, 5, and 6 2009, I was able to experience a magical weekend. After a lot of emails back and forth, Mark, Scott, Blake, and Jordan were able to fly on down to Texas. Scott would join up on the journey after the road trip part of the party, so here's the picture of night #1:

And ESPN's college gameday program was broadcasting from the event. It was fun to see all my Utah friends deal with Texas heat and humidity:

Here we are walking to the game from the nearby Marriott. Mark's mom and dad were able to hook us up with parking over there. Otherwise it would've been like $40 to park! plus... they bought us lunch... thanks Pam and D.R.!

Pretty fun. By chance I ran into a couple of friends from dental school... this is Jon and Quintin:
Picture 5

Here's the group after the game:

And here's a picture of the final scoreboard:

Here's one of the awesome Oklahoma fans... after the game he wanted to take a picture with us. Most all of the OU fans we walked by invited us to tailgate with them too! OU fans were great:

And here's a couple shots to let you experience the joy we felt:


Also... a lot of people like to look at our cereal when the come over to our house. This is a random shot of our kitchen I cropped down to the cereal storage area. This is about an average amount of cereal:

Hopefully we'll be making this happen again when the Jazz are facing the Milwaukee Bucks in the finals this year.

And, lastly, here's a video of us screaming when BYU sealed the deal:


Kali said...

That really is cool to be able to see pics of all you guys together. Looks like it was a complete bast.

Blake said...

Aaron, glad that you posted that blog. Its funny, two days ago I heard a song n the radio that they played at the stadium and I got thinking about that trip. It was magical and I hope we can all plan another one soon....Milwaukee....in the finals...I might see you in Cleveland that time. Take care pal. That trip will live on forever and I am anxious to see the video of our trip so I can sit an show Browen what he can hope for with life long friends.

Mark & Bek said...

Thank you. The video gave me chills. Hope to see you guys soon again. :)


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