Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween horrors!

Needless to say, Aaron loves the camera and his photo shoots. In the last one I look like I am doing a piece of choreography from Michael Jackson's thriller. Awesome. Oh, take note that I am pretty much squeezed into that shirt. Can I tell you that lots of my button down shirts are not accommodating this pregnancy very well. Gag. Oh well, so is life...a whole bunch of Gag sometimes.

dear team...

Well, today is Halloween. All Hallows Eve? I don't even know what to call it, but I do know that I have a BUNCH of candy...lots for the kiddos in the neighborhood (and let's be honest, mostly for Aaron and me...oh, and while we're being honest, this is our 2nd round of candy. We made the mistake of buying the first round a few weeks ago. Yeah, you can figure out why we needed a 2nd round).

That brings me to the topic of Halloween candy. Which do you buy for the kiddos? If it was up to Aaron, we'd be giving them all Tootsie Rolls. Can we say, "Gag" ? Yes. I mean, I love an occasional Tootsie here and there, but come on...that's like the houses that would give you a little thing of smarties. You're face drops and you have to say thanks, but we all know, Smarties are the worst treat of all. One or two Tootsies rank right up there.

So, what did we get? And when I say WE I mean, ME. The kids are in for a real treat this year...the leftover Tootsie Pops that Aaron and I did not eat from the first round (yes, he did win a few weeks ago, we got the tootsies. ha! the joys of being an adult), Kitkats, 3 Musketeers, Hershey Bars, and...yeah, that's it. We did have Mike & Ike's at one point, but alas, no more. Sorry all you trick or treaters out there. You missed out.

Ahh, I remember the days well of dressing up, replacing the little plastic pumpkin bucket for the pillow case, running from house to house so we could get more candy in a smaller amount of time...those were the good days. I am sad to report, this year, Aaron isn't even dressing up.

BUT! I will say that we did dress up the other day. We had a Murder Mystery party at one of our friends' houses (was that grammatically correct right there?). We forgot our camera for the bulk of the evening, then ran to grab it in the car and only had enough time for a few shots of us. Hence the pictures posted above. (Aaron loved his hat and suspenders from WalMart...can we say LOVED them? yes.) But, Jami did a good job posting. Here's her link. It was pretty fun.

So...with that I say Happy Halloween to y'all. Hope you don't get tricked...only treated. I got tricked already this morning. We keep water in the leftover milk cartons (yes, we clean them out first, duh!) and when I was pouring my liquid onto my brand new cereal (Oatmeal Squares) I looked down and realized it was indeed water I was pouring. Sick. I know. But, I was able to salvage the cereal.
Don't stress, guys. It's only Halloween. Things like this are bound to happen.

Ta ta!


Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

hey your so funny! i thought that was funny how you said duh at the end bc you were just making fun of me for it!! too funny! i will have to bring jaylie by tonight!

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

In Aaron's defense, I LOVE tootsie rools too. I will definitely be helping Dylan eat the candy bars from your house though, so thanks!

You guys look great in the pictures!

Jilly Bean said...

Another tootsie roll fan in your midst right here! Don't diss Meliss! :) Love reading your blog by the way. I'm glad you guys are doing well and I hope you're hanging in there now that you're preggo!

Russ and Nat said...

I LOVE Halloween!! Thanks for keeping the ghostly spirit alive on the blog. We had a Harry Potter Party last night for Halloween.....look for a post to come!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I love you too much...okay not so much you aaron...just because you are, as melissa says, a stinky boy. But melissa you are such a cutie pie! You two make me laugh so hard. I love your costumes from your mystery dinner. It looks like things are good and I am happy for you. I had fun seeing your mom and emily yesterday (we their house). Sure love that family of yours!

Oh, and about the second round of candy...we went into a thrid round of trick -or-treat candy...what with Jackson around and all...he thinks he needs cany about every five minutes every day.


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