Wednesday, October 17, 2007

extra, all about it.

team snyder is pictured above. from the left, from the left (-thanks beyonce') we have the jess-meister aka jesse, BIG R aka Roland, Momsy aka Denise, Melis aka Your Bloggin' Author today, A-DOG aka Aaronious aka Aaron, (first row now) Emmers aka Emily, Lizbert aka Lizzy, and Beck-AW aka Rebecca.

dear team,

So many things to talk about today. 1st off, I think we all agree, Aaron has done a fabulous job of keeping up the blog the last little bit while I've been on bloggin' vacation (for some odd reason). Aaron, you are the bomb. Favorite picture posted? Darling little Asian baby. Good work, dude.

2nd off, big thanks to the Snyder family. We had a KILLER time while they were here and I am sad that we're back to the "daily grind." Truly, it was so so so sososoosoooooo much fun while they were here. And we did so many fun things! We went to the outlets in San Marcos, hung out in Austin for a while, they went downtown while I was at work (bummer for me), went to Sea World, ate out WAY too much, and had WAY too much fun! Again, killer time. AND! I loved that EVERYONE in my family could come. It was really and truly wonderful. Thanks Team Snyder. Good times, good times. I'm just going to post these pictures. Enjoy.

lizzy loves the camera. literally. she's quite the poser. and mom, that is a funny face. :)

3rd off, (hey, i'll keep up this outline trend), I don't know if you realized this little tid bit, but I am finished with my 1st trimester! So, crazy, huh? Yep. Pretty nuts. What's even nuttier is that I am beginning to have a little bit of a gut. Apparently this baby is well over three inches now. Nuts! Another weird thing is that I have lost weight and haven't gained. But, all you denise's out there, don't stress. :) The doctor said it is okay and by this point it's not like you are supposed to be gaining lots of poundage. You like that last word, don't you? Yes.

4th off, yes, Michelle Martin Rasmussen, you guessed it. You were the only one. :) I am no longer teaching seminary. I am retired. Or another word that could have applied..."too-tired". Man, I gave it a good effort though. I thought after a few weeks that my body could adjust to the wee hours of 4 o'clock in the morning. I thought that my life could adjust to the few hour prep at the end of the day... let me tell you how each day went:

4:30 ish - Wake up.
5:20 - Leave to seminary
6:00 - Seminary starts
7:10ish - Go home
7:35 ish - Arrived home
eat and do whatever I had energy to do...this was my "get things done" time, laundry, dishes I hadn't done the night before, etc.
8:00 - sleep
8:45 - get ready, again, for work this time
9:15 go to work
6:35ish Leave work
7:00 p.m. Home from work
eat dinner, talk to aaron for a bit, prepare tomorrow's lesson.
8:30 - 9:00 p.m. In bed. Ready to start the drill the next morning.

Let's just say... life, wasn't very...hmmm...good? I loved the kids. Loved loved loved the kids. They were powerhouses! Such great kids. Loved the spiritual aspect of things, new knowledge and growth in the scriptures...but the whole "life" equation wasn't working. Oh, yeah, and remember how I was pregnant during all of that? Ahh...details like pregnancy. Love that.

So, is this me justifying stopping? Yes. Not that I need to, I felt like it was the right thing to stop, but alas, it was very sad. So, after about a month and a little bit, I am no longer a seminary teacher. I am just Melissa now. But, I am okay with that. Are you?

Okay, novel over for today. This is me, back for a minute. Hug. hug. kiss. kiss. to you all (except the stinky boys, no hugs and kisses for you).
It's nice to see you all again.


Jordan & Jandee said...

Melissa Melissa! wow time is flying by, it "trips" me out that you are through your first trimester so I guess the days are counting down until you find out what you are having! love the cute pics

Kristen said...

I saw your family at church and I was going to say that you are all just little clones of your mom and dad with different color hair. Even your mom and dad look alike. Are they related? :P j/k I am so glad you got a visit though. It's such a blast when family is in town. You are still #1 in my book for even attempting seminary teacher and getting it done if only for a month. Rock on!

elements: overexposed said...

Is it possible that you could write/edit my blog entries. You are by far the funniest gal I know! Very fun read and HELLO, I am so thrilled that Team Snyder came to enjoy the Longhorn State (I don't know if that's what they call it, but it sounds good.) Anywho, I recognized the Guenther house photo op with Mom & Dad Snyder. Good work! I'm a little upset that you didn't stick the seminary thing out 8 months longer, but I will get over it! Loves, Kem

Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

Im so glad yall had a lot of fun! Im sad that I missed seeing them, but the pictures will do :)
I agree with Kemy that you are soooo funny! I love reading your blogs, well, I love hanging out with you too, you are great!

koryandkatie said...

Looks and sounds like you all had a great time! What a cute little fam. :o) I love reading your blog entries and the comments you leave for me. You always make me laugh!

les said...

So good to hear from you again, oh how you entertain me! So fun the whole fam got to go down for a visit! Looks like tons of fun! I can't believe you're three months already, time sure flies! How are you feeling? Love ya!

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

What fun pictures and great times with the family! It was fun to see them at church with you.

Congrats on passing the 1st trimester - 2/3 to go! Yay! I can't believe you are loosing weight - we want to see you packing on the pounds. :) You look great!!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...


Okay, so my cell phone has totally died and with it my sim card and all my phone numbers. I was going to give you a little catch up phone call this last tuesday, when I thought to myself...hum, I don't have her phone number anymore....or anyone's for that matter. So please my dear friend Melissa, will you email me your phone number or call me this next Tuesday and we can play a little catch up (not to be confused with ketchup....which I know you love so much).

It looks like you guys had a great time together! Some very cute pictures of the WHOLE family! How great that everyone was able to go to SA and visit you and aaron.

Also, about the seminary teacher thing...props! You gave it your all and tried it, no one can say you didn't try, but being pregnant and trying to do life is hard. If anyone ever gives you a hard time you just ask them..."what did you do today?" Then say, "Hum, sounds hard. I made a and entire nervous system (substite with the body part of your choice.) today."

Much love! Hope to talk to you soon.

Mike and Kelly said...

I didn't gain any weight with Brooke for the first 6 months, but Carter left a lot of "food storage" behind. I kept, oh... 20 lbs. after him (mostly from the 5 cheese cakes that I single handedly ate) and so I was happy thinking that Brooke was just eating that away. I was wrong though. The twenty pounds are still there. Sheesh! Moral of the story...Don't eat 5 cheesecakes all by yourself! Have a good day.

Jami Black said...

I am so impressed that you taught Seminary at all, that is amazing. Hope you are feeling well.


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