Monday, October 15, 2007

It's finally here! YES!

I really wanted to get that carboard cut-out thing with all the 50 states and their quarters ever since the 50 states, 50 quarters program started in 1999. I remember seeing the Utah quarter wouldn't be out 'til 2007 and thinking that'd be forever! But we made it. I never did get the carboard cut-out thing, but I did start collecting the quarters. Problem was, I went on my mission 2 years into the program and got home 2 years later so I missed out on the release of North Carolina through Illinois. I could've collected as a missionary in San Jose, Ca... but, I was doing other stuff.

I don't know how much I like the picture of the 2 trains about to crash into each other, somebody going off an awesome ski jump might've been better.

Anyway, I was just so happy to see in the Deseret News an article about the first Utah quarters being minted this week. The date to officially enter into circulation is November 5, 2007. Alright!

ps - wikipedia has a great page on the quarters


Mark & Bek said...

That is just great news. great great news! I totally hear you. I have been waiting for this day too. China 2009!

Cassie said...

That is so cool. I guess I never knew that it was coming out in 2007, but now I know I don't have much time to wait. Thanks for the info. I'm excited too! Just seeing it made me really proud of Utah.

alpineavery said...

Aaron and Melissa,
You guys are so good at blogging!!! Thanks for all the fun news and photos and yes, the asian baby is adorable. Hope you did well on your tests today!!!


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