Saturday, November 3, 2007

by george, i've got it!


I have an announcement to make. I have it figured out. Did science prove it? no. Did we see actual evidence? no. But, how do I know? LOOK AT THE FACTS, PEOPLE! Duh! (thanks kajsa for re-introducing that word into my life. it has had a long 8-10 year absence and has been dearly missed).

We are going to have a baby boy. I totally know it.

I've decided that it is a Season for the Boys. Yes, I did create a special title for this season, because it is true. Why? Well, I'll tell you. Every single pregnant woman I know is having a boy. Not ONE of them is having a girl! Not one is having a girl! (well, one person is not far enough along to know, but...soon enough, and when she does, it will be a boy too).

Oh, you think I don't know people? Hey, I know people. And, it just so happens that a bunch are pregnant right this very minute. Oh, and yes, I know more than a handful, thank you very much. Let me list the names. (oh, these are in no particular order...just the order that they are coming to my brain).
Tiffany E., Bekah G., Danielle C., Lindsay B., Katie S., Svetlana, Shaela H., Margaret S., ...and well, that is all I can think of right this very moment in time. But, team, that is a lot of girls that I am friends with who are having a boy here in a few months. (in case I forgot someone...I will blame aaron, and remind me and I will add you to the list!)

What does that mean? Crazy. It is the Season for the Boys.

You know what song comes to mind? "Let's Hear it for the Boys" -- you know, that song that they play on Foot Loose (are we supposed to underline movie titles? and put quotes around song titles? i never remember), where the best friend is learning how to dance? Yeah, best part of the whole movie, and of course, they choose such a great song that totally has everything to do with MY post.

Well. That's it for now. To make it official, I guess we'll go to the appointment the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING to find out.

But, whatever, I already totally know. Sheesh. It is nice to be so smart AND psychic.


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

smart and psychic...smashing combination! Maybe you could have your own T.V. show...That's so Melissa. Just a thought. :) No honestly, you might just be right. I kept telling everyone I wanted a girl, but deep down I just knew I was having a boy. Trust your gut...(why in the world would anyone say this...what a strange and totally gross saying).

But I warn you, I was having Jackson during a season of girls! Everyone I knew was pregnant and having a girl and suddenly...out came baby boy Jackson. I think there were about 7 people have girls around the time Jackson was born.

Katie said...

I don't know Melis..just watch it'll be a girl. I know actually more people having girls right now. However, that would be fun if you did cuz me and you can exchange good ideas on how to manage these new little people. How are we going to do that? That is my question!

Shaela said...

It is the season for boys around here. We'll have to hold our breath and see what you will be having. I can't "trust my gut" I have always been 100% wrong! How is that for a record?!

Mark & Bek said...

Well, sounds like you don't even need to make it official. you're have a boy. Bekah said she knew too and she was right. Me?...I had no idea- no idea. Aaron - trust her. she's right.

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

Good prediction...and boys are great! I'm definitely glad to hear you are smart AND psychic. That might come in handy for me!

The Sands Crew said...

Well if it is a boy that is one more great grandosn for grandma and grandpa. Alof the women that are pregnant in my ward right now are having boys also.

Mike and Kelly said...

I was always the trend breaker with my babies. I always had the opposite of what everyone else was having. Yes, I am being redundant. My point?... you never know.

elements: overexposed said...

I, like Melissa J. am happy that you are both smart and psychic...I will contact you in the future when I am having difficulties making decisions or what have you! I knew you were a great friend!

Hope you are feeling well! Miss you guys, K

Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

you are so funny! i only know 1 person who is having a girl and my bet from the get go was a boy, so i bet your right! when i have my next one, i will come to you!!


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