Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hey team, this is Aaron. Kajsa brought over the best salsa last night and Melissa and I had a great time chatting about blogging and going to the park and TV last night, and one of the things we talked about was how you can find out what your blog is supposedly "rated" from this website:

I think everyone should find out what their blog is "rated". I told Melissa ours was PG and she felt pretty shocked. But when I told her about the excessive amount of use of "dead", "death", and "puke" on our blog, she understood. Now all y'all need to make sure you are guiding your kids while they look at our blog.

Also, I was reading what Melissa said was the funniest post of her life by Scott Lind. It really was funny. The best part is when he mentioned that he went to the restroom to "take a rest". You'll have to read the whole post yourself. He's a great writer. I'm not sure how to get to his blog, but I'll wish you luck getting to his blog. It is really funny.

I'm in class right now so I'm not checking for the format of this post, I'm just posting and not looking back.


Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

Gasp...your site it rated PG? I had no clue something like this existed. Just checked and ours is rated G, luckily!
It sounds like I'm going to have to bug Kajsa for a copy of her salsa recipe!

Mark & Bek said...

good idea bro. good to prepare for the baby coming. though, you might wanna keep your little one away from a "PG" site until they are at least 6. by the way, being an auditor is awesome.

Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

mine is g! its funny, yall are the last people id think would ever have a rating over g!

Dawntreader said...

My blog has not yet been rated by the MPAA (I'm afraid of what they'll say), but here's the link for the post:


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