Saturday, October 20, 2007

ode to the "good things in life"


sigh. just thinking about this post is making me sigh. Being this season of harvest and gratitude (well, almost) I am thinking lots about grateful moments in my life. Here's one I felt inclined to share with ya'll. My bloggin' peeps.

Let me start from the beginning. Picture this. Aaron and I are out of food. (well, i'm sure there were some things to eat...but no REAL food for a lunch the next day). So, naturally, we were going to head down to our neighborhood Walmart that is 4 minutes away from our house
(Location, location, location people! love that)

So, it was a rare night that Aaron didn't really have lots of homework (or let's be honest, maybe he did, but he didn't feel like doing it. We've realized there will ALWAYS be more to study). We decided to venture to the store together. Good times, right?

No. We got half way there and I started crying and telling Aaron that I didn't have the energy to fight the crowds and get all of the things we needed to. Nuff said. Aaron knows not to question the tears. We turned around. Went home. Watched The Office.

Next day. No lunch. sob! What?! So, a few granola bars later and fruit snacks too, I tell Aaron that we MUST try Walmart again that night after work. So we did. Got the goods, checked out the "maternity section" that had LITERALLY 3 different shirts and 2 different pants. Awesome. Thanks, Walmart.

We get ALL of the stuff we needed/wanted and got in line. Waited, waited and waited some more. We're sitting there, the cashier is sitting there, and the lady purchasing is sitting there. No one was moving/talking/doing ANYthing, so I make Aaron ask (after about 15 minutes...literally) if he could help. Apparently they were waiting for some employee to get something for this lady. So we wait and wait some more. By this time, my eyes are welling up and I am debating whether or not I am going to climb into the cart on top of the eggs, or just plop on the floor (doesn't that visual sound nice? me plopping? yeah, that is what I do these days).

Finally! the employee comes running up to the register with the all important item. What is it? We wanted to know, what could have possible taken this much time???

Oh, yes. Now I understand. Pirates of the Caribbean mini boxers...about a size 22. Of course, for the woman customer. I think the inseam was about 1/2" long (hence why the word "mini" was used in the title). Awesome.

Worth the wait? Totally. It made my whole night. Pirates of the Caribbean mini boxers always are, aren't they?

p.s. I tried to find an image on Walmart's website of these glorious threads, but alas! she must have gotten the last pair!


Russ and Nat said...

Ha, Ha!! I guess the one good things about WalMart is that you will always have a blog posting afterwards.......never a dull moment and I am sure the excitement is two fold down in the heart of Texas!

Kristen said...

Poor Melissa. There were several times with Lily I was this close to making Aaron push me in the wheelchair at the store. That is what water retention will reduce you to.

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

I used to love is much better in Utah...or maybe it is just our close Walmart that is so SLOW at the checkout. I was actually complaining about this exact thing to my mom today. I can be super fast at getting my goods, but then end up waiting 30 minutes in line - Always! I'm finding the extra 2 minutes to HEB always keeps me happier since their checkout is speedy.

elements: overexposed said...

A few words for you: Target &/or is totally worth every extra dollar you spend!

Sorry you had to wait so long!

Loves xoxo

The Cook Family said...

Oh the days of raging hormones! I must admit that it is much more amusing when it is happening to someone else! The good news I hear in this message is that you will always feel skinny when you shop at Walmart in San Antonio...or visit the water park at Sea World even when you are 9 months pregnant!

Jordan & Jandee said...

I hate WalMart... I wish I never had to step foot inside there again, but alas, I do find it a necessity now & again... I just wish the experience you just described was anything less than typcial, but unfortunately it is typical.... typical walmart maladies!

Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

Thats pretty funny! I dont like going to WalMart, I go to HEB 95 % of the time for groceries, because of the lines. But Im glad you found some good in it!

Kristen said...

Ok, so i got Gunnar's crib for free. Be sure and ask me about it sometime.

erin said...

Oh man, waiting in line at Walmart is all too familiar... at least you got to see something cool for waiting. ;)
By the way, I tagged you. check out my blog


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