Friday, October 5, 2007

Now that Melissa and I are getting ready to have a baby, I started thinking about, why do people have babies?

I don't want to sway you too much with my opinion, so if you think you are gonna be swayed, just post.

Is it just our nature? Do we want to better the world, or help out somehow? Why not adopt? Or better yet, go found a school or develop a training program for those with lower socio-economic status and benefit a lot more than just one person. It's crazy, everyone has babies! We know there are countless children around the world in need of a mom and dad. I guess I just can't get over how *easy it is to have a baby.

Gospel aside, I think in the end it's mostly because people want to have something to do (satisfy curiosity) and learn how great at being a parent they are (selfishness/pride?). I think people get kind of bored and then out of curiosity want to see what a little, in our case, aaron or melissa, looks like and acts like. But I'm curious to know what you think on this. (I took the religious factor out of this question so we could think about people all over the world... )


melimba said...

this is melissa, a co-contributer to this blog. :) the biggest contributer to the blog, let's be honest.
interesting post, aaron.
yes, we have been talking about this subject a lot, haven't we?
I don't know if I completely 100% agree with your conclusion of the "world's view", but interesting.

All's I know is this...that is the cutest baby ever. Maybe we'll luck out and have a little asian baby too! :) (how does that stuff work again?) loves.

Adam, Ashley, and Avery Lind said...

#1: Wow you guys are great bloggers, each time I check I have almost a novel to read in catching up. Way to go guys!
#2: Without delving too deep into the ethical issues of this question, I might answer by just stating why we decided to have one of our own. Pretty much it came down to selfishness on our part. There were no excuses (money, school, goals, etc.) at that point in our lives that didn't make us feel ok in not bringing someone else into this world to have a life full of opportunities and experiences. I think that one might say you're selfish and doing it for your own personal satisfaction and yet I just think instead that the joy and gratification is one of the great perks that comes along with being a parent.

Albert Li said...

people like to have a (or a lot of) baby because they want to see what's the baby looks like? him? or her? or ?% him and ?% her...

Russ and Nat said...

Ok, this is my opinion:

1) I think as we grow older your family becomes your social network. If you have no children, then your social network is small because other people you associate with are busy having their lives with their families.
2) People need to feel loved and give love. What better way to accomplish this than create a person who you will love unconditionally and hopefully return that love.
3) Selfish or not-selfish this is what we were designed for. If we didn't have children, then what a waste! It is like Mozart never writing music or Rachel Ray never cooking!

elements: overexposed said...

This is Kemy and I will answer for the city of Boston...children are merely a conversation piece and employment for poor single girls seeking nanny positions!...nuff said! Ta! Ta!

Mark & Bek said...

Sadly, I think that some people kind of just follow a a program in life and for a lot of people, it is just the next thing on the schedule. Parents like this aren't usually the best.

Happily, others, I think, love the idea of caring and helping to make the world a better place by teaching good values. A lot of people take pride in that.

We wanted baby because we think that they are really cute and funny. :)

If you figure out to have an Asian one, let us know...we eat lots of Panda. Maybe that works???


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