Sunday, June 5, 2011

Early June 2011--we're all posers here.

In case you were curious, we're posers at our house.  Normally, I don't post all the shots we do, but "Why ever not?!"  So, alas, I'm posting more photos than I ever do of me... but only because I'm wearing my favorite dress, and I have some of my favorite children in the photos with me.

Sue me.

A few notes: we had just shaved Cal's head for the first time the day before.  I was in shock over how old he looked, so we had to record it.  Oh, and those were the times I had awesome braces.  Some people keep their mouths closed in embarrassment when they have adults.  Apparently, I didn't mind too much.

::: Next up, Tillie girl has some more three year old pictures taken.  I was dying that I hadn't REALLY taken good pictures of her since she'd turned three a month earlier.  And, lucky for her, we finally got around to making cupcakes, so that made this little photo shoot even sweeter (pun intended).

Again, I could majorly edit these, but I loved them all.  And, since this is my blog and my beautiful child, I'm going to post all of them.  Looking at each of them makes my heart swell.  I adore this girl.

I always want to remember her great little head of hair at 3 years.

I asked her to hold up the cupcake so I could get a few shots.  I love her "uh, did I get it right?" face.

I love when she laughs hard, she covers her mouth.  So funny.

I told her to go ahead and eat it... she was very careful opening it.  She's not a big fan of making messes.

And, she opts not to try and open the cup...  it just seems easier to take a bite off from the top.  Plus, in her mind, the frosting is the only thing worth eating.  

Sweet girl.  She's a keeper.

And there you have it, a family of posers.

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Tyler and Erin said...

darling dress...and even darlinger (can we say that is a word) kiddos. Loved all the updates. You went to town!


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