Saturday, June 4, 2011

monday in late may. watering the lawn.

Ahhh, summer has arrived. (wait, it's been here since early FEBRUARY!)  That's what happens when you live in South Texas.  Hot.
Some good advice I received before we moved here five years ago, was this:  treat Texas summers like winters in Utah.  You only go outside if you have a real reason or activity planned.  Snow = skiing, sledding, or having to go grocery shopping.  Extreme heat=swimming, sprinklers, or having to go grocery shopping.  Catch the drift?  Since hearing that, it makes SO much sense and makes the summers more bearable.
Anyway, this was us this past Monday watering our lawn.  I know, I have so much to catch up on from the past few months, but I thought you might enjoy seeing how big Tillie and Cal are getting.  I haven't posted any recent pictures of them lately, and I thought I'd start with these for the time being.

he's a brave one.
love this face he's making.  hAAA!
I think he's imagining, "does it get better than this?"  probably not.
Til is in a MAJOR flower stage.  It's all she wants to talk about and do.  As soon as she is allowed outside, she is on the prowl for flowers to pick.  It's amazing how her hawk-like vision can find these TEENY TINY flowers.  After she finds them, picks them (when I give her the go-ahead) she brings back little piles for me to hold on to. Pretty sweet.
Gotta love watering the grass. 

*Oh, and we went to a furniture place and look what we found.

It was only $7,000.  hA!  Now, this is MY kind of horse.  The kind that doesn't smell.  
Is it weird I kind of want it in my house?  Yes.  I'll answer that.
But, wow, the kids would have SO much fun with it.  Not to mention, Aaron and I would too.  I think we should go back and get a family portrait taken on it.  Or we could pretend we were cowboys.  Oh, the possibilities...
We were all so enamored there at the store. 
Oh well. 

A hose and a horse.  Who knew?

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Bekah said...

Wow, having a yard looks pretty awesome. So cute.


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