Saturday, June 4, 2011

"All About Sports" mini fabric line & process involved.

A while back, I submitted some "sports" themed ideas to Riley Blake.  They were fans, had me make a few changes to it, and then decided they wanted produce them in FLANNEL for their Alpine Fabric line! 
Pretty exciting stuff.
It was supposed to be out in March, but there were some delays, and now I see it's ready for purchase here at FABRIC.COM and a few other online sources that I found during some google searches.  For any fabric retailers out there, if you are carrying any of these prints, feel free to let me know in the comments and I'll make sure to post your shop's info.  I wish we would have done something like that with the "Rainy Days and Mondays" line, b/c we kept getting inquiries on where to purchase.  So, let's see about that this time around!

Anyway, you might want to know what this mini line looks like:

I know that all of the prints are being sold here at for $3.98/yd (which is so much cheaper than "Designer" prints.  Isn't it amazing the price difference?  The Rainy Days line sold for about $9-10/yard.).  That's a huge perk to designing these little lines, b/c they are so much less expensive for the consumer.  Oh, and one thing about this flannel is that it's soft on both sides of the fabric.  I'm sure there's a technical term for that, but I have no idea what it is. 

Anyway, I always think it's fun to see the transformation that takes place from original concept to the finished product.  So, if you're curious, here's a little bit of the process.

Here's some of the scenes from my sketch book... I went back through with an arrow to remind myself which ones I thought looked best.
for the record, Golf Balls are impossible to draw.  Seriously.  I have a whole page of FAILED golf balls.  Oh! and did anyone notice that I misspelled racquetball?  hAA! I just barely noticed.  hA! oh well.

some of them are Aaron's sketches too.  I kept asking him, "What does a Rugby shirt look like?  What does a golf club look like?"  I love it when he gives in and draws for me.  All those clubs are his!  I love them!
From there, I scan it in and start digitally replicating it.  I'm such a big fan of mummysam. (ever read her blog? she's great. and super talented.)  Anyway, she did a line called "Day in the Life" for Robert Kaufman, and everything is a hand-drawn context.  I was totally influenced by her work (and continue to be).  So, that was kind of my inspiration.  I tend to make things pretty tight, though.

Here's what they all looked like ordered together. 

I kind of am in love with this. Is that okay to admit?  This version remains my favorite.  Just plain and simple.  If I'm not mistaken, I created a poster/print of this version in my etsy shop.
I wanted to represent all those fun sports that aren't as popular---like croquet.  Isn't that game so much fun?  And, don't you love all the colored balls?  Me too.  Is it considered a sport? Why not?!  Let's talk about the rest of the sports represented. 
Badminton.  Is there anyone else who LOVES that game as much as I do?  I loved that we got to play it in P.E. back in Jr. high.  And, see a badminton game always reminds me of the animated version of Robin Hood, where that big chicken lady is running all over while playing with Maid Marion.  Anyone else know what I'm talking about?  Such a great show.  Ahhh... love badminton.
Racquetball. My dad used to play all the time when I was younger at a rec. center.  We used to love watching him play.  And, hello, being married into the Wood family, I couldn't NOT have racquetball represented in there.  They are all PROS in the sport. Literally. My mother in law even won a gold medal.  Bro in law played at collegiate level. Aaron loves it.  You see, it was a MUST on the sports list.

Golf.  mehhh?  Not my most favorite thing, but hello, the rest of the world loves it.
Rugby.  I'm not from "across the pond" but I know it's huge over there, and knew friends in high school that played.  Represent.
Bowling.  Did you know that my grandparents were BOWLING CHAMPIONS? They were on traveling teams. That's how legit they were.  So many memories of me with my Grandpa Johnson were hanging out at the bowling alley in good ol' Spanish Fork.  I used to get cherry sprite and sit on the spinning stools while he'd talk to everyone.  Bowling is in my blood too.  How could I NOT include that sport too?  (oh! aaron took a bowling class in college, so he's legit too.  he's got the form and everything.  me?  One day I might show you my signature bowling move via video.  It's off the hook.  I think my highest score was 102.  Don't scoff.  It doesn't matter what the number is in the end, it's all about how GOOD you look doing it.  Forever and ever amen.)
Soccer.  played my entire life and love the game.  All of my family (in laws included) played soccer, it seems.  It's a "no-brainer" that I included that one.
Hockey. played roller hockey for years.  I think my parents still have my stick in the garage.  Aaron? he did too.  But, don't worry, his hockey stick is hanging up in our garage right now.  He's WAAAAY legit.  One day I'll challenge him to a duel.  A match? a game?  whatever.  I'll probably win, though.
Ping pong.  Aaron's fam has a ping pong table---and wow, if you think playing this game isn't a SPORT, then you haven't played with them.
Volleyball.  loved playing volleyball in 5th grade, at church with the young women.  And, luckily, I still get the chance to play on occasion. I'm not pro, by ANY stretch.  But, I enjoy it when I don't have the pressure to WIN. 
Tennis. Took lessons for a bit.  I'm sure I conquered that sport. 
Basketball.  I played Jr. Jazz when I was younger.  I'm legit.
Football. don't really know much about it.  sorry.  don't boo me.
Baseball.  my brother played.  aaron played.  ON THE SAME TEAM.  ??!?  I know.  And, my mother-in-law coached that very team (and many others).  hello.  Who knew that when I was the tender age of 9, that I was watching my future husband play ball.  Amazing how that worked out.

I love that you DO NOT CARE about all my associations with the sports included. But waaaaah!  It's my post.  Thanks for working through it.
Next up, let's add some color.

At this point in the process, they asked to see what it would look like if we edited it down a little more---asking to include only the more popular sports.  Okay.  Let's try that plan.

Now, let's add some color, if you please.

Now, let's switch up the colors more, reduce the those huge numbers, and viola!  A fabric is born.

So, there you have it.  The process.  The final product in fabric form.  Aren't computers amazing?  I think so too. Maybe that's why I possess a deep and abiding love for mine.  Too much?  Okay.

Anyway, that's the story.
I'm kind of laughing to myself right now that I went through ALL of my sports associations just barely.  Awesome.


AubreyB said...

You are amazing!! I love seeing your rainy day fabric and telling people, hey, guess what? My friend designed that! :)

Becker said...

You're amazing. And Delightful. I love the fabric and the process!

emily snyder said...
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a pair of pettijohns said...

i just thoroughly enjoyed EVERY SECOND of that tutorial. loved it. and if anyone can draw a golf-ball, it's you.

great is my admiration for you :) and great is my love for your all about sports. it's time for me to get crafty and make something for owen...

and ps...i had no idea you were such a sporty gal. i'm uber impressed with your team sport skills.

ashmae said...

Melissa! I've been meaning to write you and tell you thank you for your nicest comment on my blog! and yes, we are kindred sisters, which I think is very nice. I love all of this stuff you are doing. Such great work. Are you in Utah? I would love to see you. We move to California in the fall, but let me know if you are here. warmly, ashmae

Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

I LOVE this line, but I also really liked the piece that they didn't pick with all the random sports on it too! You are one talented girl!

Karyn :) said...

Does anyone still sell the design with the balls in circles? I absolutely LOVE the brown and blue version, but I can't find it anywhere to buy.


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