Wednesday, June 8, 2011

cal's 2 hair cuts.

So, back at the end of March, I was noticing that Calvin's hair was getting a little longish.  So, being the domestic woman that I am, I thought I'd do the honors.  I have hair cutting scissors.  Aaron used to let me cut his hair.  I could do this.
Or so I thought.
I remember asking one of my best friends, Melissa J., how they would cut their boys' hair.  She said the trick was to let the boy have a sucker.  Works like a charm.  And, if little hairs get on it, a quick rinse under the faucet does the trick.
I was set.  I found a sucker in our pantry circa Halloween 2007 (or there abouts, I'm sure). And, I got to work.
Cal did pretty well.  His mother?  Well, you can be the judge.
Yes I did, in fact, create a new hairline for him.  And, I thought creating stair steps was popular (in 1989).  Sigh.
I'm retiring.  Poor baby.

Here are more shots of him later that day playing in the kitchen with the baby doll and his older sister.  Feel free to NOT look closely at his side profile.  Remember, this barber is retiring.  And instead of focusing on my lack of talent, please take note of the sibling love going on.
yes, that is pen on Cal's cheekbone.  How did he get a hold of a pen to do such a job?  I'll blame... his sister.

Now let's fast forward to the end of May (2 months later).  Aaron didn't love the whispy hairs going on and really, the overall patchy growing pattern happening on Cal's head.  He voted we shave his head, like all majorly balding men should consider doing.  Embrace the patchiness and unite everything.
I reluctantly agreed.  I loved his little red/blonde hair.

here's a blurry before picture, so you can get the feel of how his hair looked.
another shot BEFORE the clippers came out.
We were nervous to see how he'd do during the shaving process, but he was a champion.  In fact, he was so relaxed, he almost fell asleep!  Not what I expected from our almost 17 month old child!

Here he is, mid shave... (Aaron is shirtless, b/c he'd just been sweating to death cleaning out the van from a scout trip and didn't want to get Cal's hair everywhere.  Just in case you were curious why everyone is half naked.  Oh, and I should add, Tillie and I were fully clothed.)

And, thus, our GROWN UP MAN CHILD was born.  He looks older than ever. Seriously. I can't believe how much he looks like a 7 year old.  (well, almost)  Am I right, or am I right?
this kid, as they say, is ALL BOY.  Where does this love of grunting and hefting around big objects come from??!  oh, and yes, we let our  baby play with big huge 2x4s.  we're careful parents like that.

In conclusion:
Dear Calvin, I love you enough to spare you from my scissors and dream to be a hair stylist.  I hereby will allow your dad shave your head from now until forever (even though it makes you look 10 years older than you really are).  Lots and lots of love, your adoring mother.


Tyler and Erin said...

I just love his hair buzzed. SO SO cute. He does look a little older but just as cute as ever!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

Love the buzzed head! He is so cute!!

Kristen said...

Haha lol, no offense Melis, but if you didn't retire, I would have told you to put the clippers down and walk away. Same thing happened with Gunnar after his hair cut. They look so grown up (BUT they look SO handsome too). I think mother's should cut their boy's hair, b/c they look so handsome when it is done.

I cut Gunnar's hair once and it was such an ordeal that Aaron had to hold him down and it took FOREVER because he was so out of control beside himself. I gladly shell out the $ to have the barber deal with it instead of me. He did stop crying at every.single.haircut about a year ago though. Sorry to highjack your post and make it all about me. Cal looks adorable.

erin said...

Aww, I just love little boys with a buzz cut! What a little stud! It is hard to say goodbye to their baby hair though!

And way to go on the yardsale! You all rock! That really is some kind of wonderful when people work together like that.

Marc, Michelle, Jackson, and Bennett said...

I did the exact same thing to Jackson the first time I tried to cut his hair! I don't know why it was so dang difficult to get a straight little hairline/trim, but I retired after that too. I love the new buzz cut though and I totally agree that he looks so much older.

annie and jared said...

Melissa, You KILL me! I think you are the funniest blogger. Ha ha. Calvin looks SOOO cute with a buzz!


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