Monday, July 13, 2009

Matilda birthday part 3. The last chapter.

Okay, Okay... just a few more. Humor me. This will be her scrapbook one day, so I can't miss a beat.
So, that afternoon, after we got back from the lunch and she took a little nap, what birthday is complete without a photo shoot?

Yes, we went outside, and the sky was a perfect gray for taking pictures. I put a bunch of them on before, but here's few more.

Getting ready for our nightly ritual---the walk around the block.
I thought it was cool her stroller & balloon matched her outfit. nice planning skills.

on our walk, we spied these crazy characters! Gotta love little Dylan. He is so good with Tillie.
Not to mention, he was loving the camera that evening! :)

Little Easton, aka Tillie's twin. Pretty much the same height, same hair color, their eyes are the same blue, the only big diff. is that he was born to the Jessop family and he happens to be two months younger.
But, other than that, they are twins. Here he is enjoying a lava rock. Delicious.

Dylan working the camera. Nice.

The brothers together.

And, here are the twins. Playing and hanging out in the grass.

There you have it. A pretty great birthday. A good one to start out the rest of her life, don't you think? Anyway, thanks for re-living the day with us! :) The catch-up game continues...

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Lindsay said...

I love it all. Is this really going to be Matilda's scrapbook? I'm doing a pilot program blog right now, but it would be a lot more exciting to me if I could realistically make it into a scrapbook.


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