Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jazz on the Riverwalk

Okay, if any of you happen to listen to NPR in the evening on the weekends (or maybe is it just Sunday?) you will have heard "Jazz on the Riverwalk". The Jim Cullum Jazz band is pretty rockin' and we went on a double date with Aaron's parents to give them a LIVE listen.

It was a TON of fun. I have never been a huge Jazz fan (well, other than Utah's premier basketball team, and doing my signature dance move "jazz hands")---but it is because I was ignorant. The only real Jazz I had heard before was from one of my favorite soundtracks, Swing Kids---and then trying to learn piano pieces with the syncopated rhythms back when I was younger. Not much exposure.

But, this was awesome. And, it was fun to be out on the town, knowing little Till-face was tucked into bed with a delightful babysitter. Good times. All around. Unfortunately, we had to leave a little early, because I told our babysitter we'd be home by around 10:30ish---but, I think we all would have loved to "linger a little longer." :)

Here are some pictures and, if you're lucky, I'll be able to post a little tid-bit of the video.

ummm... why I look like I just woke up from a nap, I don't know. wahhh. and, I thought at one point in the day I had put on make up. oh, brother...

The infamous bridge picture. We had to get in on it.

As did the Woods. I love this fake dive move that K' is pulling. Nice form!

Ok, let's get serious now.

It was a great visit! Thanks for coming down!

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Rebecca Snyder said...

The NPR Jazz show is from TEJAS! Who knew? Or maybe... who knew that Becca always listens to the weekend show... just so happens that is when most people my age are hanging out on the town... hm. Love the bridge pose.


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