Monday, July 20, 2009

some randoms...

Seeing that Matilda had turned ONE and the fact that she weighed 22 pounds, we got her a new car seat. This is her, giving it a test run the day we got it in the mail. For anyone looking for a new car seat, we LOVE this one. It came with high recommendations from the Jessop family and also my sister-in-law, Kirstin. All big fans. The mircro-fiber fabric wipes off like a dream. Good stuff, all around. Oh, it's called "Alpha-Omega Elite". So, there you go.

Next off, our good friend, Jen, is quite the photographer and kept talking about how she'd love to take Tillie's pictures when she turned a year old. Well, of course, we loved that idea. And here are just a few from her photo shoot. If you live in the San Antonio area and need an awesome photographer, feel free to give her a jingle! Here's her fun website.

I love how she captured so many shots of Matilda's personality. She's crazy in each one.

TIME OUT here. So, what kind of parent sticks their kid in a RED ANT PILE?

Yeah, that would be me. It was awful. I had NO idea that the "cushy/soft" spot I was putting her in had an ant pile underneath. Poor baby had little Red Ants crawling up her little black jeans biting her every step of the way. It was SO sad. I think even Aaron started tearing up, because those stupid ant bites HURT so much! So, we threw off her pants and swiped all the buggers off of her.

She was a trooper, though, and took a few more after that. Here are the rest of them. The headband has come off, and so has her pants (but you'd never know that, would you? Oh, until the last photo, that is).

Here's a photo of the ant bites the day after. Boo. So sad. They get all pussy and itchy and disgusting. Poor baby.

In case you wanted to see what Tillie's face does when she cries, here you go. It makes me laugh so hard (but sad at the same time). Her little lips are the funniest. These were taken over a 5 second period.

the scream.

the frustrated.

the shunned look. is that bottom lip too funny or what?!

Well, that is a sad note to leave the post on, but that's what I've got! There you go for now.

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melody said...

:(( poor little girl!! I hate red ants!! Her little cry really is so adorable. and sad. but cute:) Love it. and you!! :):)


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