Saturday, April 25, 2009

birth. day. one. year. ago.

Well, in the week that I have been home from Utah, I'm on load number 5 of the laundry (and still counting)---way to ring in Earth Day this week, right? :) Oops.
All the mail has been opened. Bills have been paid.
Clerical errors on two of those bills have been fixed.
All the newspapers, junk mail, ads, etc. have been dumped in the recycle bin.
Bags have all been unpacked. Refrigerator re-stocked.

But, the biggest feat has been pulling out Matilda's 18-24 month clothing and putting away (sob!) all of her 6-12 month clothing. She's a big girl now.
Apparently "BABY" is a term of the past and now she is considered a "TODDLER". WHAAhhat??

again, whaaaaaat??

was it really her birthday yesterday? a FULL blown year of life?

If anyone else is freaking out about that, feel free to get in this boat with me.

I'm dying.
I am happy. I am sad. I am sentimental. but most of all, I am lucky. Really really lucky.
she is the best thing that has happened to us. by far. ever.

Two days ago, Aaron, Matilda, and I met up for lunch at Arby's. While there, we met a really sweet older man that was talking to us for a while. He said as he was leaving, "Well, enjoy this, because this is about as good as it gets..." We smiled and waved goodbye (yes, even Tillie waved goodbye, she is so talented).

Since that day, we've been talking a lot about what the man said. Let me explain.

Yes, life is the best right now. Better than we could ever imagine. But, we keep finding that the best keeps getting better. For example, when I decided to marry Aaron, I thought I loved him to capacity. But, 4+ years later, I'm proved wrong. I love him even more than I did back then.

Matilda Mae also has broken the love-o-dom-etor... she broke it at one week old. And, now, our hearts are FULL to capacity. Our cups runneth over. She is the best. And, it keeps getting better.

So, to the kind gentleman at Arby's, we respectfully disagree with you. I believe, hope, and pray life will only get better and better. Our experiences will affirm that statement.
To take from Marta,
"I look at [her] and know what living the good life feels like."

And, to my little sunshine, we love you. Thank you for being the brightest little light in our lives.
xoxoxoxo to the umpteenth degree.
love your mama and daddy-o.

For your listening pleasure, we put on the actual blog a few different songs in her honor (for all you google reader & blog line people).

we did two birthday celebrations. one in utah, one here. both fun for different reasons. i'll post pictures from the parties later. here was her invite to her family.


these pictures were taken yesterday---on the actual DAY of her birthday. we were lucky, because San Antonio decided to take a day off of life too, to celebrate her day (well, and fiesta). Fun fun fun.







happy happy birthday, sweetest sweet sweet of my life.
love, us.


annie and jared said...

happy b-day matilda mae! did you get a new camera? your pics look a-mazing. could she get any cuter? i am jealous of your fun beach trip, i need the beach right about now.

emily snyder said...

did you know mom started crying when she saw these!?? amen to the tears.
wow. she is the most beautiful person in the world. how lucky she is to have you and aaron as mom and dad.

Tim and Melissa said...

Yay for Tillie! We're so glad we got to celebrate with you. She is so darling and I love all of the cute pictures!!

PS - Her cute hairbow is here at our house in case you are missing it.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

happy birthday matilda! Where the heck did this last year go? I swear she was just born 5 minutes ago!!!! What a lucky girl to have such great parents! I love you guys!

Becker said...

what a beautiful post! Congrats on the "toddler!" (I know, I know)
I'm glad your lives are going so well and that you're so happy. I think you're always so happy, Melis, because you make other people happy and because your an optimistic person--willing to love and give, serve and shine wherever there is an opportunity. I'm glad to know you. Thought you'd like to know.

The Starr's said...

First things soon as I got to the pictures (max was sitting with me) Max started saying, "tillie tillie" he totally recognized her! So sad that you guys live so far from us, or we live so far from you. Sorry we are not moving though. I completely aggree about life getting better and better. Your little girl is such a doll, I wish I could play with her more (and you guys too)

bryce and sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tillie! Oh Melissa, she is PRECIOUS. Love the pictures, love you, and LOVE the birthday girl! (okay, and aaron too)

racharooo said...

Happy B-Day Tillie Mae! I bet your parents think they are pretty lucky to have you -- but I think that you are also one lucky duck to have landed in their laps! You are such a beautiful girl. And oh-so stylish!

Tyler and Erin said...

Happy Birthday Matilda! I can't believe she is one! What a doll! And I love the song. LOVE Harry Belfonte!

a pair of pettijohns said...

golly, could those pictures have captured tillie's darlingness any better?!

so sweet, so darling, so happy you guys have her!!

happy one year of life, matilda mae!!

BETH said...

cute, cute pictures. I love her teeth and her sparkly eyes.
I can hardly believe she is one.

Kristen & Brooks said...

such a sweet post! it's crazy to look back on life!! she is getting teeth left and right!! she has more new toothies!! she's really is a doll...we should see her soon!! ...and so nice that san antonio had to celebrate battle of flowers on her birthday!! if ya'll live her...she might luck out and not have school on her bday!!

mommyballs said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! Can't believe it's been a year! We're 2/3 the way there ourselves . . . unbelievable. Love the balloon pictures.

Katie said...

She is sooo sweet and I agree with all that you said about loving your husband and baby more with each day that passes! Life is good and one year olds are the best (along with every other age :) Her little flowered shirt is to die for!

The Cook Family said...

DAng she is a gorgeous little thing! I just gotta LOVE her!
Good work friend!


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