Monday, July 20, 2009

Carnivals and Cornyvals.

So, I'm not even sure when these first pictures were taken. It was a while back, but I thought they were fun and definitely fall under the theme of this post, "Carnivals and Cornyvals". I think the Nielson's were out of town on this first set of pictures. Them and the Jessops are our partners in crime and we do lots together. All the boys are in school with each other and we live a few houses down. We really like these people. Hence, the photos... :)

Me, excited at the prospect of getting Cotton candy. The first time in a lot of years.
And, it was blasted hot and under a RED tent. Hence, the "GLOW" you see. :)

Enjoying the fruit of mine & melissa's efforts. You're welcome.

went for the black & white option on these two. I think things like popcorn and cotton candy are TIMELESS. :)

Do you love little Easton in the stroller? Look how comfy & happy he is!

yes, the blue teeth option was one that we TOTALLY bought into. Lookin' good. We know.

little dylan. he thought we looked so good with the blue teeth, that he TOO, should sport the look.

NOW, onto the CORNYVAL, as promised.
Gotta love these things. Cracker jacks (both the candy and people) everywhere you look. :)

Good hot & sweaty times in Texas.

1 comment:

Mike and Kelly said...

Oh how we miss the cornyval. Although I do not miss the heat! Loving the fact that we get cold at night!


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