Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mc to the Nay = McNay

Aaron's parents decided to fly down for a little FUN fun Aaron's last week of school (3rd year, mind you). We had a TON of fun during their short stay. I'm thrilled to announce that I finally got to go to the McNay art museum here in San Antone. On a different trip the Wood's had made down here, they went---but alas, I was working full-time and Aaron was in school, so we finally had our grand adventure.

I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun activity. And, besides the art (which I was surprised how many big-named-artists they had) the museum was INSANE. So so so so so beautiful. The woman who owned the house, Mrs. McNay was a collector and quite the little artisan herself. She was the one responsible for all the stenciling you see on the ceiling beams and more. You can read more about her here.

Anyway, I was a big fan. Here are a bunch of photos we took while there. Feel free to click on the image for a bigger delight for your eye balls.

poor child of mine.

I am in love with these stairs. Yes, please.

It's all in the details, my friends. Do you love that she put in these five little tiles? Yeah, me too.

us admiring it all.

Pretty darn amazing. Yes, I'll take all of it to my house one day. Stencils, tiles, courtyard, and all. Thanks, in advance.

ok, people, we're getting closer to catching up! be so proud.


Rebecca Snyder said...

super cool! let's put that on the list for me to do.

emily snyder said...

i can just imagine the texas house with all these details that you and becca will put everywhere!

i can see why you loved it though - fun fun ideas!


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