Monday, July 20, 2009

tara & jared engagement shower

Our good pals, Tara and Jared, (both dental students) finally decided to get married. This has been three years in the making and we all couldn't be happier for them! So, we threw a little BBQ party for them.

It was funny, Aaron and I were in charge of the meat (we did something like 15 pounds!) and on our way out the door, Aaron asked me, "Do we have some sort of apron I could wear?"
And, I was like, "Well, yeah, we have these two (a frilly green one and a red one that matches the kitchen."
His response, "No, one that says something like, 'Kiss the Cook' or 'Grill Master'".
My response, "Uh, no. We don't have one of those. Sorry."

Is he a NUT or what? hA!

Anyway, it was really fun (and blasted hot, but comes with the territory). The food was delicious and I think people had fun. Mostly, we wanted the darling couple to know we all fully supported the idea of marriage and think it's a WINNING decision. Hope that came across. :)

Here are some pictures to prove it all went down.

Jared got Tara a cake in honor of her birthday. Pretty cute. He called and told us, "I've got dessert covered. A big cake from Costco. But don't tell Tara, it's a surprise." Nice work, Jared.

little Lincoln. He is two months younger than Matilda and was walking WAY before she could even consider the idea. Nice work, Lincoln!

cute Calli and baby Tyler. He's almost as big as her! What a cutie!

darling little baby Jackson. Is that face darling, or what?!

Jami, the proud owner & parent of the above mentioned child.

some of the girls.

most of the boys.

Congrats, Tara & Jared!

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Kristen & Brooks said...

so fun!! PS - I might know where you can get Aaron his own cheesy personalized apron! ;)


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