Wednesday, May 6, 2009

pop it like it's hot.

yeah, I thought it was a clever title, too.

I'd like to dedicate this post to a food item that once was a part of my life, but then I shunned it (overdose you could say), and now, I feel, it is here to stay.

"What food item could make such a come back?" you wonder. Well, my friends, it happens to be a little thing called POPPED CORN, or for the layman, (I almost was going to write "lame man", but decided not to do that) (here's what the definition is for layman:a person who is a non-expert in a given field of knowledge)----anyway, most call it POPCORN.
Now, for some of you, the darling children's song, "Popcorn Popping" comes to mind (speaking of, my mom created a RAP for that one time. Awesome). But for others, who, too, share a love for this treat, you may just be glad that I have hopped on the bandwagon.

Either way, I am here. No, rather, the POPCORN is here. And it is here to stay.

My family used to have an "Air Popper" when I was younger. I have since seen a few of them "popping" up at friend's homes. So, I was going to ask you, the audience of three, where I might be able to find one of these beauts. But, all's I had to do was punch it in to Google, and viola! I found one to purchase at my local Wal-Mart! So, I think I'm going to go get one.

I came up with a really complex equation. Just call me Einstein...
Air Popper = Healthy popcorn = Cheaper popcorn = more popcorn for consuming = happiness.

The period at the end of happiness meant that I was concluding the my equation.

So, there you go. The proof is right there (I also wanted to say "the proof is in the poof" --- going along with the pun of POPCORN. I am liking to capitalize every letter in the word POPCORN, because it is that special to me).
I could go on and on about the complexities of how miraculous it is that each kernel, when popped, is so beautiful. Seriously. Have you ever studied popped kernels? I think it is a miracle. Aaron might use a different word, but whatev. This is my dedication.

Anyway, just when you thought I had NOTHING to talk about...

There are really a ton of things going on right now in life, and I probably should be doing something a little more, how we say, productive. But, I just wanted to give a shout out to a healthy, fun-lovin' snack.

Three cheers for POPCORN!
Now for the mothers in my life, say it with a Dixie/Spanish Fark accent: POP POP POP Carn!

Oh, another note, that actually totally relates (mind reels...), is that we went to CORNYVAL last weekend (you need to check out the "official" web page for the event, it is a real gem. The happy corn pictured at the top is taken from this website). The event was great! More on that later!

Anyway, happy wednesday.
peace out.

oh, and go pop yourself some corn.
you'll thank me later.
p.s. if you don't have an air popper, and don't want to eat the really buttery-not-so-good-for-your-thighs-microwave-kind, then go find Orville Redenbacher's new "Natural" line. The Simply Salted kind is pretty delish and good for you. ok. that is enough tips for the day. sheesh. what am I? some kind of expert?


emily snyder said...

thank you for my weekly dose of Melissa-ness!!!

i can't WAIT until MAY 31st and then can't wait again until June 12th when you get back from Alaska and hang out with ME!!!!!

mommyballs said...

What a walk down memory lane with the whole air popper thing . . . we totally had one of those and ate popcorn ALL THE TIME!!! These days our family favorite is JOLLY TIME 98% Fat-Free Kettle corn. Thanks for the memories . . .

Rebecca Snyder said...

yo. don't go through the trouble of buying an airpopper. honestly, go to Costco (today) and pick up Orville Redenbacher's smart pop (94% fat free). Mom has been buying it lately and I have been blessed by it, and now I introduced it to dad and as he puts it, "I just love how big the kernels get!" Seriously an exact quote, there is so much POPCORN that the bag almost burts. This week I popped some in my new little microwave at my apartment and it burned because there was not enough room in the little space. Yeah- that is good popcorn. But don't become too much of an expert because dad said I am the designated popper at our house. Take that for expertise.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Okay, I'm a BIG melissa fan! Thanks for the great post dedicated to Popped corn! You seriously crack me up. Thank for that! Remind me again of when you will be in Utah...because we are going to be there for part of June and I sure hope I get to see your glorious cute face!

stampinashley said...

So, honestly, I don't dig popcorn. period. it's not my thing I guess.

That being said, it is a filling snack that can be low in calories and fat, if done correctly. So I did add that to my snack list when doing the "diet" thing, and it definitely warded off the hunger in the late afternoons.

But, I think it's pretty gross, yeah, pretty much.

Also, I'm with you on the amazing beauty of popcorn, it's kind of like snowflakes, so intricate and unique.

Katie said...

You make me laugh! I love it. And you have one of the cutest little girls I have EVER seen! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Feel the love, Mellissa! Those air poppers are the bestest invention ever known to man. We once got one in a yard sale and left it behind when we moved to Europe because a lot of clueless people told us we'd never be able to use it over there. Hello, what are transformers for. Looking back I would have gladly stored it in my underwear drawer for the three years. Lessons learned, right.

I have to add, yes you can potentially make healthy popcorn with the popper, or you can make it to die for with lots of real melted butter instead of that fake plastic butter dried up substitute you get in the microwave variety. My thighs are already fat, always have been, so i avoid shorts (must move northward for this) and go for the butter.

annie and jared said...

i just love the fact that you composed the longest post about popcorn... ha ha ha. you are halarious.

erin said...

I love popcorn! And I loved your title for this post! Haha. Next time I hear that Snoop Dogg song, I'm going to think of you and "Pop it like it's hot" ... :) Haha..

Dani Carby said...

Okay you are so hilarious. I wish I was more like you. You make me laugh. You made me smile.. which is VERY rare these days.. haha (read my latest entry). Love ya!

Nikki & Tipper said...

Hey can you send me your address so I can send you a wedding invitation? Email it to me at


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