Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playing the catch-up game... yet again.

So, even though you THINK I've totally abandoned this blog, think again.  I've been a busy beaver creating posts from events that have happened about 3.5 thousand years ago (or months).  I really hope to be an active member of the blogging community once again, but it's hard to post super recent stuff when I know there is 4 months of life that has passed. 

So, in my attempts to organize my life, I give you some past life experiences that we... experienced.
blah blah blah. 

Sister Em Comes travels ALL the way from Boston to see us!---mid April 2011

April's BIG UTAH WE LOVE THEE trip in honor of the ROYAL (WOOD) Wedding, Easter, Tillie's 3rd Birthday, etc.---end of April 2011

Back to the saddle again... at least for a minute. --- end of April 2011

Party in USA! Fabric, Fun, Friends in Sunny LA, California---early May 2011

more to come... obviously.
but this will get you through until then.

peace out, yo.

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