Wednesday, July 6, 2011

random summer days in june and july... with lizzy comes to town

I knew the kids weren't going to be thrilled that I was dragging them into the grocery store... so I wanted to figure out a way to make it more exciting.  Enter the awesome carts at HEB.  The kids loved them for the first 15 minutes.  Then, they were over it.  It was pretty cute to have them ride side by side until they started poking each other and making each other cry.  Oh well, at least I got a cute picture of them while they thought it was a novelty.

Let's talk about more novelties in the month of June.  I made a lot of baked goods this month.  And, I happened to take a picture of this one.  Lemon bread.  Hello.  I'd like a slice of it right now.  I hope it turned out good.  I gave it to a friend who had just had her baby girl.  Oh, and I made some stationery for her baby too.

What's with the three strawberries in the huge container?  Well, I had purchased that huge thing of strawberries earlier in the morning from Costco.  By mid-afternoon, the children and I had consumed all but three.  We would have eaten those last ones too, but I thought Aaron might want some.  We're generous like that around here.

Up next?  Random photos of the kids during the random days in June.  Remember, it's super hot during the month of June, so we spent most of our life indoors.  We have to get creative.

blurry, but still cute.  love that boy.

We're still trying to master the art of the pretend "saftey goggles".  

We thought it was pretty sweet how Tillie had lined up her little stuffed animals and made a little bed for them all on the floor.  So, we came in and took some blurry night time pictures.  She's a thoughtful one.

::: The highlight of the month, by far, was when my little sister, Lizzy, came to town.  It was totally great, as always.  Enjoy some of the party that my sister is:

Our friends had invited a ton of people to come play at their gym.  The lighting was crazy, so I made all these next photos B&W.  Aaron thinks I am trying to be all fancy when I do that, but really, the gross light irritates me.  So, call it what you will, but I'm doing it.
Anyway, back to the night at the gym... It was fun.  The kids, especially, had a blast!  (can you tell by Cal's face below?)

I had asked Aaron to take some photos of the Lizzy and me and then some more with me and the kids since I don't end up in pictures that often.  Well, all the sudden he starts going "paparazzi" on me.  It was annoying and not what I had in mind.  Thanks anyway, smart aleck.  

he just looks way too old here.  and, I can't get over his little defined jaw line and chin.  Too cute.

where's waldo?  i mean, where's Aaron?

can you find his hand?  ten points to whoever can.

::: Our ward was having a 4th of July swim party.  We came.  We swam.  We ate.  We conquered.

Speaking of conquering the 4th of July, here we are whoopin' it up on our front porch.  Gotta love the background of the American Flag.  Who can help but pose?   Enjoy TOO many pictures of Lizzy and me being rad.

okay, okay.  We'll let the kids have a little face time too.

our attempt to get a family photo before church... we'll try again next year.

Ahh, the youth in America.  Tomorrow's leaders.  

thanks for coming Liz-berty. (wow, that kind of reads like "Liberty"---perfect timing)

The next day was the ACTUAL 4th of July.  The kids and I celebrated by jogging over to a park where Aaron was playing ultimate frisbee with some guys in the ward.  I had them dressed up in some more patriotic threads.  Oh, and what do you know? Their stroller even matches the ensemble.  

 It's amazing how much they LOVE looking into the sun.

Later, we went to watch Cars 2 at the movie theater.  Again, I love how everyone looked so patriotic.   

Let FREEDOM ring, all y'all.

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