Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sister Emily comes to town!

My lovely sister decided to come visit us Texas folk on her very-few-day-precious-break-time.  She was just about to start a new job and had a few days of happy vacation to fill.  And, to think!? She wanted to buy a ticket and travel ALL the way from Boston to San Antonio to see us?!?!  We are lucky.  And, so glad she came.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, we love having our family come see us! I love how fun and easy going her trips are.  No big agendas, just time to hang out, talk, eat, and nap.  :)  The best vacations ALWAYS include naps.
 she's such a trooper sitting in the little middle back seat.  the kids loved her being back there!

One of the days, we opted to head over to Boerne and check it out.  It's always a fun little trip looking in all the little shops.  However, with two toddlers in tow, it's not as "awesome".  We went to a little burger joint and got lunch.  As you can see below, Tillie really enjoyed it.  Great face, Til.  

Em saw an antique high chair in a 2nd hand kid shop.  She decided to put Cal in to try it out.  I'm just grateful he didn't break the thing.  :)  But, check out how OLD he looks in these pictures?  Insane.  Who knew he's a TENDER 15 month old in this picture?!  Crazy.

On one of the days, Aaron and I had to go meet with our builder.  Knowing we couldn't take the kids (nothing productive would have happened at the meeting), Em volunteered to not only watch the kids, but to take them to SEAWORLD by herself!?!  Part of the reason was b/c we needed to be out of the house to get it photographed by our realtors, but she could have just opted for a playground.  Instead, she went BIG and did it by herself for a few hours until we were able to meet up with them!  Amazing!

She even let them buy some fish to feed the dolphins?!  Hello!?  What a cool aunt!

Here are some of the photos she took while she was with them (I shamelessly stole these from her blog):

Gotta love Tillie's face above.  They love watching the Beluga Whales.  Can't you tell?
We joined up with them as they were coming out of the show... Amazed at all Em was able to do with them already!  Here are some more shots through out the day...

Oh the drama...  Do you love how BOTH children are devastated?  Me too.  Thank you late lunch and no naps.  Amazing, how once you show them they are going to eat pizza how quickly their mood changes.  Pizza makes frowns turn upside down---at least in this household.
Gotta love these next ones of Calvin giving the new Bay of Play's splash pad the STINK eye.  Amazing I was able to catch it in three different photos.  Too funny.

And there you have it.  A fun trip with a fun sister.  Good times.  Thanks, Em!

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