Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back in the saddle, again... at least for a minute.

It always takes us a few days to recover after big trips.  It's amazing how LITTLE I accomplish on these days.  Oh well.  At least we got some pictures to record the fun.  Here Til is showing off her new birthday threads.  She loves this new dress.
love the face on that one.

Tillie insisted that Cal needed to dress up too.  So, I found this weird striped number that I bought a few years back for ME, but after bringing it home, realized it would be much better for our costume box.  :)  Cal enjoyed it.  And, Tillie was very happy she had a "prince" to dance with her.
he's clueless as to what he's gotten himself into.  Oh, and his poor chin!  Still don't know how that happened. 

After chasing each other for a while, they both grabbed some books for themselves.  Too funny.  Here Tillie is getting her reading seat all ready. 
Good times.  Good times.

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Lindsay said...

ahhhh...we need to get our "princesses" together sometime to play. They would be in heaven together dressing up.
So, where did you get that big art piece in that last picture? Or did you make it? Is it made of fabric or scrapbook paper? Anyways, I like it---I need something big and colorful on a bare wall I have and I like that a lot! So give me details of how you made it or where you got it! cute quilt too in that picture! did you make that?


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