Friday, July 8, 2011

Calvin's 1/2 birthday! 18 months. feeling good.


Oh yes, it's that time to show the big boy at 18 months.  I just love half birthdays so much.  Here is Mr. Calvin-pants sporting his crown for some pictures.  Unfortunately, a lot of them turned out a little blurry.  Boo.  But, I still love them.  So, we'll post a lot.  
(oh, and you might see some floating arms.  guess who that might be?)

And, how can we not show some of him exactly ONE year ago in the same crown?  Okay.  Get ready for some more cuteness...

So so sweet.  Love that baby face.  
If you want to see ALL of his 6 month photos that day, feel free to go here.
And, while we're playing the COMPARE game, here's Tillie's half birthday shots (6 months and here's 18 months)

Tillie always loves sporting her crown too, so we let her get in a few shots too.

And, they wanted to sport their new Jessie and Woody dolls.  We got them the day before we took these.  They still love playing with them---Cal, especially.  

We are SO happy Cal is ours.  He is a DEFINITE keeper.  Happy 1/2 Birthday, Calvin-Malvin.

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