Monday, August 1, 2011

favorite movie of mine prompts deep thinking...

My sister told me that my blog is turning into a scrapbook.  And, not that scrapbooks aren't great---it just made me stop and remember how much I miss writing about all the strange/wonderful things that happen in my brain/life/day.  So, in order to prove to Becca that I'm not AS lazy as she might think, here's a post with more words than photos.

p.s. there are so many things I could blog about, but I'm just enjoying not being productive at the moment (and let's play the honest game: I've not been blogger-productive for the past few months).  This post is dedicated to my hard working husband that is allowing me to play and have fun.  Aaron, you are the bomb.  I hope you know this.
So, tonight my father-in-law asked me what some of my favorite movies were... and it took me a minute to think about some of the best of the best.

As I thought about it more tonight, I remembered that Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken is definitely on my list.  If you've read my blog for any length of time, you'll know that I've referred to this gem a few times in my life.  This post was the one that immediately came to mind.

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You remember the story line, right?  It's about a girl who runs away and convinces a diving horse showman to hire her.  She eventually learns to ride diving horses, falls in love with the showman's son, marries him, and then loses her eyesight in a diving accident (she had her eyes open when she landed in the water---that scene always makes me cringe!).  I'm sure you could find a much better description on the web, but there's my little summary.  Anyway, I love this movie and watch it year after year---hence, the reason it falls into my FAVORITE category.  I never get sick of it.

My sisters and I started the movie tonight, but since we started the movie so late, I start dozing in the first 20 minutes... much to Lizzy's (my 15 yr. old sister) chagrin.  It's okay.  I will finish the movie later, I assured her.  

After I finally decided to pull myself off the couch and make the long walk down the stairs to my room, I had a second wind.  As I was listening to the muffled sounds of this all-to-familiar story, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to lose my vision.

Let's take a moment and think about the gift of sight.
I mean, can you imagine being blind?
What must that be like?  It seems like there are two categories you could fall into---having your vision and losing it, or being born with no vision.  I was trying to imagine which would be worse?

Then, my thoughts began to wonder, what would it be like having a child that could never see?  It made me teary to think of it.  How would I be able to help them realize how beautiful this world is?  How could I explain to them what color is and how it has the ability to affect our mood?  How do you explain what "shiny" is? or glittery?  or what sunsets look like?  And, then there's the practical real life things---like, how would you get to the grocery store?  Public transportation?  But, what if you lived in a small town?  How would you prepare meals?  Another question, as a mother, how would you be able to change your baby's diaper?  How could you care for busy toddlers?  I found myself wondering about things like that.  Normal "little" things to me must be huge challenges to people with no vision.  Can you imagine? 

I'm not meaning to pretend I'm a deep thinker all of the time, I just was shocked to realize how often I take for granted the gift of sight.  The thought of losing my vision and never being able to see my Calvin toodle across the lawn after his cousins, or watching Tillie dance with her arms in the air while prancing around the living room in her little underoos, or watching my husband carry our tired little boy on his shoulder, or watching our parents interacting and loving on our children---it makes me shudder at the thought.

So, basically, this is me grateful that God allowed me to have two eyes to see.

I hope I remember to SEE more often all the beauty that goes on in this sometimes crazy life.


Kristen said...

I loved that movie too while growing up. I had the biggest crush on the guy and when I would play house or barbies, I would name my dolls Sonora. Haha Thanks for bringing back good memories.

emily snyder said...

love that we were all updating last night! sad that i wasn't a part of the sisters getting to watch the movie. love that you are still at home. sad that i am not there. but LOVE that you and becc can update more!! :)

becca said...

so you were awake...? don't tell bert.

Janine Padilla said...

I totally watched that movie growing up!!! Loved it! My sweet grandma had the Disney Channel/cable... so she would tape things for us. I'm pretty sure this movie was one of them. Wow, those were the days....
Ha, ha... hope you and your cute family are doing well!


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