Tuesday, September 7, 2010

6 months old---Mr. Cal

If you've been keeping track, you'd realize that little Cal is actually almost 8 months old. That would mean that TWO months ago, he had his first ever... HALF BIRTHDAY.

As you might remember, half birthdays are kind of a big deal to me. I think it stems from the fact that I had a summer birthday and I always wished I could have celebrated it DURING the school year---obviously to be recognized by my class mates. Remember that post where I disclosed that "[ESFJ's] have a strong need to be liked"---maybe that's why I wanted to be honored in the school year. Anyway, my mom, who also shares a summer birthday, knew of the sadness I felt as a child (such a sad story, I know), so she would bring in treats to my class on my HALF birthday. It's Feb. 4th, for any of you who are curious. Yes, you're welcome to celebrate me on that day.

So, there's the background. Since Cal's true birthday is minutes away from Christmas (or seems like it), we might be doing big things for his half birthday too. We'll have to wait it out and see how the rest of his life pans out. Good luck to all of us.

Anyway, back to the 6 month birthdate... Since I knew Calvin was rapidly approaching the 22 pound mark soon, I knew that it was time to start thinking of another car seat. His infant carrier holds up to 22 pounds. And, crazy enough, his big boy car seat's minimum weight is 22 pounds. So, at his appointment I found out he was *only* 20 pounds 10 ounces. Whew! Safe for another little bit (the infant carriers are SO much easier to use. Easier to sleep in... Cart them around in... Easier all around.). But, regardless, we decided to get him the big boy car seat for the inevitable.

Here he is testing it out right before his bath. I think he seems pretty comfortable.

oh, wait. not so comfortable any more. that tillie...

Remember when Tillie was a YEAR old when we she finally fit in a big car seat? Here's the side by side. Can you guess who is who? hA!

A little story about Calvin, before we get to the million pictures I took of him.

Calvin is a happy, sweet, calm, darling, and charming baby. We've known this about him since day one. So, it was wonderful when Cal's specialist (remember how I just talked about him the other day?) said to me one appointment (as Calvin was beaming at him), "There are some babies who are just born with a beautiful personality, and others who aren't... and this little boy here just has something special doesn't he? Ahhh, yes. What a special little boy he is."

As I was nodding, he paused and said, "You know, he should be a politician."
I asked, "Now, why's that?"
And he responded, "Because he is so friendly that everyone would want to be around him and vote for him. He can't help but make people like him."

oh my. hello. what a sweet man to say such things that I totally agree with! I'll say this, anyone that adores my children have a special place in MY heart. He didn't have to say such things, but he did. And, how nice is that?!

He hit the nail right on the head. Calvin IS something special. There is something different about him than most babies. And, he's had this spirit about him since the day he was born. You could just tell with in moments of being near him. Both my mom and Aaron's mom picked up on it within minutes after first meeting him. I love it.

I love this baby.
And, hello, I love our doctor.

Anyway, thought you'd like to know that little tidbit before you dive into the pictures of this crazy boy. Enjoy.
he's a happy snuggler.

and the real shoot begins.

"uhhhh, what do you want me to do?
urkle who?"

workin' hard for the money.
look at him try to lift that tummy of his.

the famous head bury. he does this ALL of the time.

*wardrobe change. I love this next western shirt from his Aunt Kathy B.
(Kathy, you kill me! This is probably my most favorite shirt he owns. THANK YOU!!!)

i am in love with this face.

that above shot above with the scrunched up nose, reminds me of this picture of 6 month old Tillie. funny.

back to Calvin.
(by the way, you can click on any of these shots to make them ridiculously large and full screen. just in case you needed to see more of those cheeks...)

a shot of the two mini teeth coming in.

love that profile.

classic calvin. this is the face we see 90% of the time.

one last push up to show everyone that, indeed, he's a big boy. nice, calvin. nice.

Okay, sorry. Just when you thought it was over, I decided to, again, steal the spotlight from Calvin, and bring in his older sister to compare. Can you blame me? Amazing the resemblance.

oh, and remember how I put this one on here a while back? Well, let's disclose which baby is which.
Calvin is on the left and Tillie is on the right. Kind of funny, right?

happy 1/2 birthday, cal-face.
we love you. a lot.

the end.


The girl said...

Um...I like him. A lot. And I was thinking as I was reading...he is just like his mom...everyone loves you and can't help but like you. Seriously.

You have one adorable family!

See ya around!

Rebecca Snyder said...

calvin is the cutest boy I have ever seen. ever.happy half birthday!

Tyler and Erin said...

Can't believe how much they looked alike as babies. Especially loved the newborn faces. So cute! He's seriously in a big boy carseat already. I think Chloe will be 5 before she fits in one. We just had her 6 month and she is just barely 13 lbs. woot woot!!

Kate said...

Loved this post...actually I love all your posts, your blog is so fun and interesting to read! Such cute pictures of Calvin, he really is such a good happy baby! I loved the comparisons of Tille and Cal, crazy how similar they looked and that they did the same facial expressions too. The 1/2 birthday crowns you made are adorable!


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