Friday, October 24, 2008

the first HaLF-BiRthDaY of her life...

where does the time go?

our little dolly is six months to date.


just thinking about her makes me want to cry.
I never knew how much I could love that little girl.
It's funny, I thought I reached my capacity of love for her when she was only a day old---how silly that seems now.
My heart seems to wrap more and more around her every day.
I love everything about her.

The way she buries her little face on me when she is tired. The way she squalks like a little birdy then starts laughing when I look at her. The way she "fake" cries when I take longer than .5 seconds to get her food to her. The way she squeezes my finger with her entire tiny hand. The way she smiles. The way she makes sure I'm always an arms length away. The way she rolls over onto her tummy and looks at me to make sure I saw her accomplishment. The way she beams with pride when she sees that I have. The way she lets me smother her with a million kisses every day. Her little songs. Her little crooked smile. Her huge bright blue eyes. Her perfect little eyelashes. Her tiny kicks. Her big stretches. I love it all. Every hair on her head and every move she makes.

She has turned our world upside down. How did we live with out her for so long? What did we do for all that time?

To Matilda:
Even though you can't read this now, and am wondering why I am putting a birthday crown on your head and snapping a billion photos of you today, I want to give you birthday wishes.

Happy 6 months, sweet Tillie Mae.
love. forever. and ever.

your mama.


Becker said...

Man, you're a good mom, Melis. I'm only just starting to like Caleb :) No, seriously though, all the time he'll make like he's going to run out into the street and I have to tell him that he can't NOW---now that he's getting all adorable and fun and not whining and crying every second. We've invested way too much into him to lose him NOW! Sounds like Tillie dear is a dolly indeed and I can't blame you for liking her. All those things are adorable. Caleb is fun, just not the cuddly type of baby. He'll be a fun boy and a fun big brother---SOMEDAY (no announcements). Congrats on the big half b-day!

Tyler and Erin said...

happy 6 months!! what a cutie.

a pair of pettijohns said...

simply adorable and priceless. she's is a doll.
and ps, you are REALLY making me want one of my very own!!!

Kajsa said...

that made me cry! that was so sweet. i feel the same about my girls too, i cant even believe the amount of love there is! she is soooo cute!!

Kristen & Brooks said...

seriously we must get together!!! how is miss tillie 6 months old!!! and ours nearly 2 months!!! we have to get together so I can see her again! you are too sweet!!! maybe brooklyn can borrow her 1/2 crown for a photo shoot in 4 months! lol

Jill said...

I can't believe she is already 6 months old! These pictures are so cute - I love them!

03frogs said...

Hi! My name is Emily. I stumbled across your blog b/c I thought it would be fun to google my daughter's name, Matilda Mae & up popped YOUR little MM! What a great name! Yours is a doll!

Dolphinsbarn said...

I have a crown like that. I wear it to work every day.

By the by, the Lind house (CO branch anyway) is in full agreement: Tillie is sooooo cute x 8,000.

03frogs said...

Oh no! I just deleted your e-mail & didn't even open it! It was in my junk folder - I only saw what it was when it too late! Please resend! ;)


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