Thursday, September 23, 2010

"wrinkle free" and trains

So, we have another debate in our home.  Surprise, Surprise.  You might remember the last one I posted about (and no, we don't have the verdict yet.  I have yet to contact Mrs. Wiser about the matter. Sorry.  I'll get to it... one day.).

The current debate has to do with Aaron's new "wrinkle-free" shirts we've purchased.  You know, he is a professional now, so he has to look the part.  Alas, Costco, blessed Costco, came through for us.  We found a few great long sleeved dress shirts.  And, luckily for me (head launderer of clothing articles) they said they were "wrinkle-free".  See, I keep putting that term in quotes, b/c it's a little decieiving.  They aren't really "wrinkle free" when I pull them out of the "barely dry" cycle in our dryer.  They are, in fact, quite wrinkly.  Not as wrinkly has his non-wrinkle-free shirts, but still... 

Wow.  I don't know if I've ever written the word "wrinkle" more in my entire life?

Anyway, here's the thing.  Sweet Aaron.  He likes to make my life easier.  So, his life theory in regard to keeping the dress shirts as wrinkle-free as possible is this: keep them hanging on the hanger until you are ready to physically drop them in the washing machine full of soapy water.  He believes that if you put the shirt in the hamper and it has to sit crumpled up for a few days, THEN wash it, it will be EVEN MORE wrinkly. 

You see, the other day I asked him where his dirty dress shirts were. He told me they were hanging on the hanger and he'd set them aside by our shoe rack.  I said, "Wait, the dirty ones were on the hanger?"  Huh?  Those must have been the ones that I had just recently hung back up in the closet.  Then, he explained his above theory.

Bogus, in my opinion.

I peppered back, "No, no, no.  That doesn't make sense, b/c in the washing machine they get wet, twisted, and crazy bundled.  No way would the "wrinkle state" before the wash make a difference..."

I was pretty sure I was right.  I mean, I usually DO think I'm right, so this time was no different.  But, in order to PROVE I was right, I thought I'd ask en elite group of women who (I was sure) would know the answer.  Enter Quilting group Sew Much More.  I knew my mom was with her weekly gathering of  crafty friends this afternoon, so I thought I'd ask them.  So, after my mom explained to them the quandary, my mom put me on speaker phone and I heard the response. 

I totally won.

(the crowd goes wild!!!)

I only wished that Aaron could have heard the OVERWHELMING responses that were made.  Words like "absurd" were thrown around as they yelled to me (remember, I was on speaker phone).

It was a moment for me. 
A good moment.
Vindicated.  It feels good to be right... especially when I am married to Aaron (someone who literally is ALWAYS right.  He's that smart.). 

Anyway, I don't write this to gloat.  I only write this to educate other wrinkled theories (pun totally intended).
I write this to state, once again, that while Aaron is TYPICALLY the brains of our operations---we both have smarts.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  He's got the book smarts, while I've got STREET smarts.

For example, when presented with this problem "A train leaves L.A. at 4:00am going 80 miles an hour, another train leaves New York at 8:00am going 90 miles an hour, where will they meet?"
Aaron could really figure out the correct answer. 

My response:  Why are they on a train anyway?  Who honestly travels by train these days?

We are different and that's okay.  I can help him look sharp.  He can help me know which shirts TO wash.  And we can all meet up with Trains A & B. 

We're a team and it's all good.


Becker said...

Preposterous! :)

I think the real culprit is the "barely dry" cycle you're using. Dry the ever-loving guts out of them and they'll be less wrinkly. Oh yes, and hang them immediately upon removal of the energy-hating cycle. J had to wear "clinical attire" at PT school, and then he works in an environment where he COULD get puked on (or have a series of other disgusting bodily fluids somehow deposited on) your clothing. SO--we are ALL about the washable and wrinkle free. Watch Dillards for their sales in February. We got great wrinkle free & washable slacks there for like eight bucks. From one launderer to another :)

emily snyder said...

haha!!! i want to know how smart you really think you would be on the street?? maybe it's more HOME smart?? :) i love that i could see the entire experience in my head. love you!

emily snyder said...
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Tim and Melissa said...

Haha! I miss chatting with you! I'm so glad you put stuff like this on your blog. I would have taken your side too! Also, if anything ever needs ironing around our house, it gets washed instead. I never iron!

Jordan and Jandee said...

1. Reading this post suddenly made me want to take a train trip. I love riding trains in Europe, perhaps it would be kinda cool here to right? Probably just a pipe dream, but oh well.

2. I've recommended them to many people because I feel like I have discovered the truly wrinkle free shirt -- it is the Traveler Shirt at Jos A. Banks. They are expensive (think 80$ a pop), but you can usually get them on sale for 50% off, but I have never seen them lower than $40. They are seriously amazing though, you can literally pull them out of the dryer and they have a freshly ironed look. I think the inventor of that shirt must be up there with the NASA scientists. Jordan has several now (some of them he has had for over six years and he can still wear them weekly)....the price is worth it to not have to iron them and they hold up great when it comes to stains.

3. I seriously love your blog. Okay I pretty much want to be as cool as you :)

Mark & Bek said...

4 words...Ross Dress for Less

olivia said...

so fun.

you are an entertaining writer, i must say.

a pair of pettijohns said...

can i just cast a vote that we all save our money that we would spend on wrinkle-free shirts {that wrinkle} and just get a housekeeper instead? voila! problem solved!

can i get an amen? :)

wrinkle-free isn't good enough for my post-marine corps husband. i have to iron the wrinkle free...


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