Saturday, September 18, 2010

so what if he's POP.ular?

Luckily, because we have a toddler who loves Sesame Street, we search for their videos on YouTube.
Aaron and I just happened upon this little delight. We LOVED every second of it. is one talented man. One thing to note, he kind of seemed a little sleepy in this.
It was wonderful.
Another note, Aaron thinks the two of them (meaning aaron and look very similar? twins separated at birth, perhaps? Hmmm... you be the judge.

Also, another song we are trying to learn (Aaron and I) is "Elmo's song-Potty Time" (as Tillie says it). There are a lot of words, so it will take a lot of practice. But, you might like it just like we do.

Remember how Tillie has been potty training?

Oh, and the last line is pretty funny. Who am I kidding, the WHOLE THING is pretty funny. Enjoy.


racharooo said...

I was sure he was going to pass out and start drooling on a muppet. Is he narcoleptic?
But I liked the song! I wish they played fun stuff like that on the radio instead Lady Gaga -- so sick of her.

Lindsay said...

The potty time song has been a long-time favorite at the Evershed household. We've got the whole movie. It's full of real gems!

Sarah said...

Yeah - twins for sure. Another cool thing about is that he just paid off three people's homes that have lost their jobs because of the economy and were about to loose them. It was so cool to see - Oprah.

olivia said...


LOVE sesame street. so glad it's still good, and still with-the-times as they prove with their guests. :) can't wait to get into it more as there are little ones to show.

(yeah, i loved's straight face the whole time. so funny.)

great to "see" you again!


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