Thursday, September 16, 2010

blogher art auction

A few months ago (or was it weeks? i lose track of time so easily), I was asked by Liz of Say Yes! to Hoboken to participate in BlogHer's Art Auction that benefits the Gulf Coast.

She was given my name by my dear ol' BYU classmate, the famous Melissa of ISLY blog. You follow?

Pretty exciting, eh? I thought so.

Even now, I still don't really know what went on at the annual BlogHer Conference. I don't even know what they did/who was invited/what they do there/etc. (details, people... hA!). But, I do know that a lot of my favorite bloggers attended and played a key role in making the event happen. hA!


So, with that, I created a piece of artwork.

My specific assignment was to read THIS blogpost then create an original piece of art to donate to the cause.

So, after I read the post, I got out my paints and knew I wanted to paint hearts in some way. And, wanted to do *sort of* neutral colors that would work in any home. I pulled out some of my home-made birch wood panels from my college days and got to work. I ended up entitling it "We are all connected." Unfortunately, on the ebay listing they botched it up and said that my title is "Too much time online." What?! hmmm... Not so. Boo. oh well. Now you know the REAL title.

Anyway, here she blows.

And, actually it is up for auction on ebay. Also, all proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy to help clean up the Gulf. So, if you'd like to make a little bid so you can hang it up in your living room, feel free. p.s. the dimensions are 16"x16" and it is approx. 3" deep (if I remember right!).

Anyway, the pictures THEY took are super lousy (no offense, but they are). In real life the yellow is quite lovely (in MY opinion). I should have taken better ones before (this is on our linoleum floor. nice effect, right?), but alas... what to do now?

So, there's the happs. Pretty fun to have an excuse to get out the paints and give it a go again.

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