Thursday, May 20, 2010

operation catch up... middle to end of May 2010

Even though she looks unhappy here, I assure you, she was a happy camper that Auntie Becca was doing side walk chalk with her. The proof is in the pudding---or her yucky chalky hands.

Let's rewind (yet again). I had forgotten to post these little gems that happened before Aaron's graduation. Dear-Sister-Becca-Face came to town for a little escape-ism after her finals. And, it was good. We love when Dear-Sister-Becca comes to town. Funny, you might think she is a NUN because of the new title I've given her. But no. She's no nun. Wink. wink (she may very well kill me after writing that). Totally kidding.

Let's see. We always eat well when Becca comes, because she really enjoys cooking--unlike her sister, Melissa (aka me). So, she dreams up fancy-pants-menus and I pay for the groceries. I told her I wouldn't mind her moving in and having this be a part of the full time life situation. She entertains the kids, PLANS the meals, COOKS the meals, CLEANS up the meals... I think we have a WIN WIN on our hands. What did I do during all this? I cheered from the sidelines.
We all need a support team.

So, we ate well. Here's a little example of one of the mega meals we had. Amazing.

Like I've said before, it's always really great to be around family.

Glad you came Becca.

***Then, there's the Cal-meister. Here he is at four months old. At this point he was wearing 12 month clothing. Amazing, the sheer size of this boy. But, in these pictures, he's not wearing a stitch of clothing. Buff boy in the buff.

Notice how red his little hemangiomas are on his face? His aren't dangerous, and if you noticed, they appeared about 3 weeks after he was born. Want to know what they are? Here's what I found from this website,
"Often found on infants, a strawberry hemangioma is characterized by a collection of hardened blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. There is no definitive cause of strawberry hemangiomas on infants with no known controllable risk factors increasing an infant's odds of developing one."

Of course, I was a concerned mother when I saw them appearing. Anyway, after they kept spreading at a super fast rate, my pediatrician referred us to a Hematologist/Neurologist. And, we have LOVE this doctor. He is just so sweet with little Cal.
To give you a visual, he's a little Indian man (as in, from India) with wavy parted hair and always wears some sort of bow-tie. The bow-tie he was sporting the first time we met had little yellow duckies all over it. Darling darling man (more on him in another post).

Anyway, he prescribed a medicine to give him 3 times a day that has made MAJOR improvements. It stopped the spreading and has actually lightened the spots significantly (these pictures were taken just before our appointment with the specialist).

Anyway, there's the 411 on Cal's face.

**We had a fun little good-bye party with some of our knuckle-head friends before they moved away! Matt and Mandee hosted in their beautiful new home. It was great fun, as always. Here's a group shot. Nice.

Anyway, there you have it. The late-middle part of May 2010. Good times.


a pair of pettijohns said...

dear melis,
fyi, my mouth is WATERING at the sight of that meal. wow. are you for hire becs? tillie, you are WAY cute and growing way too up. STOP! :)
love, bekah

dear cal,
i too am a gentle giant. i'll be 3 months in 3 days and last time we checked i weighed in at a whopping 17 pounds, am wearing 6 month clothing and am bigger than alllll of my friends. also, i too have a hemangioma. smack dab on my forehead. when little kids see me they inquire about my "owie". fab.
i think you're awesome and that we MIGHT be brothas from anotha motha.
love, owen

Kelsi said...

So Avery totally has a hemangi...(whatever) thingy on her stomach! It's pretty big and it's finally starting to lighten! She had it when she was born and it was bright red but now I can barely see it. Luckily they do go away.

Rebecca Snyder said...

delish! Thanks for posting these finally. I have been dying to recreate that meal.


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