Thursday, July 15, 2010

tillie had a birthday. she's now 2 years old.

So, I must say, I'm a little pathetic that these are the only pictures I got of the birthday girl. What kind of mom am I? No pictures where she's looking at the camera? And, I went to all the effort of setting up this little photo op. Oh man. Next year, next year...

We debated if we should do anything for her birthday this year. I mean, she is only 2 and doesn't have a stellar memory at this point. Should we do anything besides take her out to eat and present her with her amazing kitchen that her mom assembled all by herself?

We decided to throw together (last minute, literally), a little backyard bbq. As Aaron and I were discussing what Tillie likes best, we thought that the thing she loves most is to play OUTSIDE! So, alas. An outside party. Easy. Cheesy. Emailed the invites. Love technology.

Enjoy the random pictures.
I had to go to the paper store a few days prior to her birthday, so I thought, "Ahh, the perfect excuse to purchase a pack of adhesive paper to make stickers..." So alas, I now have the ability to make round stickers with my awesome paper and new ritzy circle paper punch.
Honestly, this little punch thing is AmAZiNg, b/c you can actually SEE what it is you are punching out! And, it doesn't require strong muscles to cut out sticker after sticker. Click here to see product video. I love it. So much.
So, thank you, Matilda, for having a birthday so I could get MYSELF a gift.

(note to self: never eat left over "mud cups" with gummy candy in it the DAY AFTER! It was SO gross. The gummies plumped up and were rancid! beware. stomach ache central. gag.)

SIDE STORY to explain why our friend is straddling our plastic chair with his wife's hand to support in case he were to take a tumble---

Unfortunately, we learned the day prior to the party that our backyard neighbor had a LADDER up next to our fence. Uhhhhh, why would there be a ladder next to our fence? My mind, of course, is thinking of the worst case scenario. Could we have SPIES? Did the ladder just HAPPEN to be there?

Well, as we told the tale to our friend, he decided to take matters into his own hands and REACH over the fence, grab the ladder, and chuck it. We first thought about him lifting it over to our side... but then decided that would be stealing. We are not criminals. So, he decided to chuck the ladder and the plan would be to check back in a few days. If it was still down, we probably had nothing to worry about. If it was put back up, then we should call the police! just kidding... but kind of not just kidding.

Anyway, I'm happy to report, the ladder is still down on the ground. WHEW! Close call. Still a little weird, though.


What are these kids looking at?

The kiddos were running around like crazy in the backyard. All was well. Then, suddenly I heard a high pitch screaching/squeaking sound. "What could that be? What is that sound?" I thought to myself. Then I realized it some sort of animal in pain.
AGGHHHH!!!!! NIGHTMARE of my life!
I am not an animal person. Especially if RODENTS aka PESTS are involved.
I freaked.
Then screamed to Aaron.
Grabbed Tille.
Left the other kids in my dust, and ran towards the house.

Nice hostess.
Leave the others to fend for themselves. I'm protecting my own, apparently. Which is good that I didn't leave Tillie behind. That says SOMEthing. :)

Well, upon further investigation, this is what they found.

Take a closer peek.

Yes, a brood of bunnies? A den of rabbits? I don't know what the term is!?! But yes, they are wild rabbits. Why did they decide to make their home in our backyard? To this day, I'll never know. It's not like the mother rabbit asked permission, that's for sure. SIGH. Anyway, it was crazy. It was scary. But, all was okay in the end. Makes for an interesting party, that's for sure.


same age, these little boys. so cute.


some of the kiddos we could wrangle up. this was POST mud pie. Who's mom couldn't wipe off her mouth? uhhhh....? (sitting in silence).
oops. my bad.

last shot with more of the kiddos.

It's pretty much impossible to get a group of young children to all pose at once. This is something I learned that day. Oh well. Look at how happy Matilda was, though.

I'd say it was a success.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Matilda Mae. We love you.

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emily snyder said...

i was smiling and laughing and smiling through the entire post(s)!! goodness. you never cease to amaze and wow me. can i make a count down chain? did i already ask you that??!!

i honestly can't wait to hug and kiss and hug and kiss those kids for lots and lots of days!

ps we need to plan some birthday whoopla for us. and step up 3 comes out on the 6th. . . maybe we could go see it?? and have you been planning anything i can help work on?? i am a pro weeder and cleaner and babysitter - date nights for you and aaron?? or date days??


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