Sunday, July 25, 2010

operation catch up... beginning of MAY 2010

Ahhh, the catch up game continues. Let's go back to May 2010. This month was a great month.

By the time May started, the boys had just finished the boards and we virtually had "forced vacation" until graduation would happen 2 1/2 weeks later. Since we knew some of our BFF's were heading out of Texas in a few weeks (sniff sniff), we all decided to head over to the Guadalupe River and do a little mini camping trip. Only two families decided to stay the night (us and the Nielsons), but we had a lot of fun with our friends. Did I mention this was a weekday that we went? It was great b/c there were virtually no other visitors when we went up.

So, here are some pictures of the fun that was had. Of course, most of the images are of Miss Matilda-pants. Are you surprised? Right now she totally wins "Most Entertaining Person of the Family" award. Aaron had it for a while, but Tillie has stolen the title. I'm sure Cal will give her a run for her money soon (certainly once he lives life outside of his infant car seat).

"Suit on, Mama. Suit On!" ---and she's off.

Cal, charming and "loveable" (as the shirt says). This baby loves the outdoors.

Cute Melissa (on the left) had just given birth 2 weeks before this picture happened. Is she amazing or what?! Who takes their family on an outing like this after just having a baby? Amazing Mother of the Year.
And, Kajsa (on the right) looks WAY too cute to be camping with her little pregnant belly!

Aaron and Tillie hanging out in the river. Tillie LOVING life.

So, I take full responsibility for this little girl's outfit and hair style. I love how happy she is here. Her hair? Perhaps a little goofy. I realize that now.

Upon viewing the above picture, I was reminded of a dolled up puppy dog with crazy hair.
Perhaps a little resemblance? Sorry, Tillie. My bad.

This is what she did when I told her she looked like the above puppy dog. Offended at the tender age of two. Just kidding.
I'm sure she was doing something she wasn't supposed to.
I love how her father is really happy in this picture below. I don't love how sad she is.
This is Tillie's devastated-how-could-this-happen-to-me face. Amazing I captured it.

The lovely Tim + Melissa + Gavin combo. Do you love how they are making IDENTICAL faces? Are they married and in love/sync or what?!

A group shot of the party. Again, don't know what my face is doing. And, sorry, Lindsay & Kaylee, that your eyes are closed. And, Tyler, that your eyes are doing something totally crazy. And, uh? where was Easton?? :)

cute friends.

love this shot.

Don't love this next one NEARLY as much. But i was there. Dawning my old pioneer trek hat, no less.
Those pioneers were always in fashion, as am I.

Tillie is feeling much better as she sneakily steals her dad's hat.

As night approached, the majority of the group left, except for us and the Nielsons. Us brave souls camped and had a lovely sleep in our nice tents and air mattresses. If that's not roughing it, I don't know what is.
Calvin, per his usual, was a perfect sleeper only waking up once in the night and slept great in his car seat. Tillie was thrilled to be sleeping next to mom and dad. And, mom (aka me) was nervous all night that some wild beast was going to attack us. Dad (aka Aaron), per HIS usual, was out like a light bulb. All night. Amazing.

Love this next one of sleepy-eyed-matilda. And, yes, I purposefully chose clothes for her jammies that I wouldn't care if they got ruined. Those are not her normal threads (although, I'm sure at this point, you wouldn't be surprised if they were).

"Gotta get there... fast!" are the words playing through her head.
This is Tillie in a nut shell. Running everywhere, pumping her arms for extra help.

maybe a little too fast? no?
Darn. Hate to say this, but how can I not? She set it up for me.
"Another one bites the dust..."

And the infamous face we caught again on film. The "devastated-how-could-this-happen-to-me" face. Poor baby.

Feeling better and a little dustier. She's a trooper. Back to work again with Breks, throwing sand/dirt/pebbles into the wind. all. morning. long.
Amazing what little kids do with their free time.

breks is just chillin'

The end of camping fun. It was a great time. We loved hanging out in a beautiful location and having fun with our great friends. Good times.

***Next event. Purchasing matching jams at Costco (aka the best store on planet earth). Texas is tricky in the summer. It is SO blasted hot outside, that you have to have the AC working over time to make sure you don't die of heat exhaustion. So, it's hot, but then cold at night. Meaning, gotta have long pants and sleeves b/c these two crazies don't keep their blankies on at night, but you can't put them in the big furry sleepers b/c they have their father's DNA and sweat very easily.
So, these jams were the best purchase we'd made in a while. And, of course, Cal will be able to grow into Tillie's pair next month (kidding. probably not NEXT month. but his growth is astounding). So, we got a double whammy, if you will.

We took a few pictures one lazy morning.

tillie is crazy. we know that by now. of course she doesn't want to sit still.

back and calmed down while "holding cal" even though he's probably big enough to hold her.

don't know why I did this next one in black and white, but I sure love it.

***Our good friend, Rex, invited Aaron and Matilda do head down to Port Aransas for a little outing with him and his boys. It was great b/c I was able to stay home and get lots of stuff done with only one kiddo at home. And, when that kiddo is Calvin, I was able to get TONS done. It was great time had by all parties.

Apparently, Tillie used a shovel and little bucket the entire time they were there. She was in her element and loving life. I think these pictures Aaron took are just darling.

*** We went to a fun birthday party this month. I had been looking for an excuse to try out "freezer paper transfers" on t-shirts and we needed to figure out a present. So, "mix it all together and what do you get?" Birthday t-shirts.

My plan was to do a simple Batman logo, but Aaron thought he could pull off the complexities of Mario and Luigi (the birthday boy loves Luigi and pretends to be him on occasion, so we did that for him and little Mario for his little brother), and then Mickey Mouse for Tillie (who she calls "Hot Dog" from the Mickey Mouse playhouse song)---so I let Aaron take over the job. He did great.

They were well received and it's safe to say that the Mickey shirt is Tillie's favorite article of clothing.

If you ever want to give it a try, these are the only real materials you'll need (oh, and a paint brush). Just google "freezer paper stencil tutorial" and you'll have lots of things come up. Pretty easy and fun.

Here Matilda is AT the party for the boys. Yes, that is her running (with already scraped knees) and just about ready to fall... again.

Just fell.
We have a lot of these pictures, it seems. Luckily, this time it was on grass!

***Cutie boy Calvin at 4 months. He is so sweet.
He'd just discovered his hands.

Cal and Tillie on the chair together. She just loves to hold her brother.

***For my dad's birthday, I was lacking in the "great gift" department. While on Etsy one day, I saw a funny sign, "Home is where the Harley is." And I laughed and then thought my dad would laugh. So, I sent him that with this picture of Cal in his "dude rag"---ha! just found out it is actually called a "DO-rag". Whatever. I like "DUDE rag" better.

More cute pictures of the 4 month old.

Tillie was drawing right next to him. So, I snapped a few shots of that crazy as well.

Well, that smile turned upside down pretty fast. Don't remember why, but yet again, we've captured it on film. It's interesting I have so many of these cry faces in ONE month, let alone in ONE post. That combo. doesn't happen very often. Strange.

she loved (spoken with mega sarcasm) that I was snapping these pictures as she was crying. Now, that is a Mother of the Year moment. Nice.
From left to right, starts with the quiver lip and then transitions slowly to the (again) "devastated-how-could-this-happen-to-me" face. Then she calms down.

the resolve and realization that
life never is fair. sad reality.

And, there you have it. Is that a sad way to end off this MEGA post? Kind of. I apologize to leave you on this sad note. But, the kiddos are in bed.
Aaron also tucked himself in a few hours ago (it's been a long weekend and he has to get up bright and early tomorrow).
Calvin spit-up all over me and I have to keep getting wafts of it (a gift he bestowed on me right before he fell asleep for the night).
And, let's face it, when given the opportunity to sleep, I follow Tillie's lead.:
"Gotta get there... fast!"

Good night.


Rebecca Snyder said...

yes first comment. I win.
great post. great pictures. favorite one- you in the pioneer hat.

The girl said...

Hey Melissa.

I love all those pictures! Tilly and her sleepy eyes, the matching pj's. And poor thing crying. The one at the very end where she looks like she is screaming at you....she will love that one later!

And I love Matilda knows my name. Life seems better knowing she likes me. Ha.

Oh, and I am working still. Back to the 8-5. (8-4 this week actually). I will just be finishing up last school year stuff and getting ready for next school year. But I would love a ride in your new ride... :)

Oh, and just whenever you get around to doing that rush...really!

Tyler and Erin said...

I love your updates. They always make me laugh. I love the "clean up in aisle" story. Too funny. Where did you buy the screen painting stuff?? I've been wanting to make a cute onesie but can't seem to find the stuff.

Jordan and Jandee said...

I love the "how could this happen to me" faces, had me laughing in stitches. And "way to go --Idaho" on the camping, camping with small children is something I may be a bit afraid of, but am wanting to try...I need to be more brave.

Lyssa said...

haa haa, it is a sad that.
I feel the same way. Ignorance is bliss.
What a big month you've had! Can't wait to see what is next because I know there is more!

Becker said...

I love the matching Thing 1 and Thing 2 jammies! You should freezer paper that on to them!

elements: overexposed said...

So fun to see pics of everyone!


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