Monday, July 5, 2010

operation catch up... APRIL 10th & 12th 2010--fashion forward family

In efforts to facilitate blogging on a more regular basis again (vacation is fun, but only for so long), I am going to rewind to April (yes, you read right) and post the small tidbit-happenings that went on.

And, we're off...

*Since we knew our husbands would be finishing up dental school in a matter of weeks, we decided to get together for one last "4th year wives hangout session". It was great, like it always has been over the four years. We all commiserate, celebrate, and have a good time all around. This last time was no exception.

I had my camera and here's a shot we took as we were all heading out. By the way, yes, my carrot cake was total heaven. Agreed? Agreed.

Unfortunately, I look like a sleepy boy in this shot, but everyone else looks good. That's what we call TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM. Girls, you can thank me later. We miss all y'all.

*The next day, I had to run errands and Aaron was in charge of getting Matilda ready for the day. Here's what I came home to find. Great style, as always. 'Nuff said.

*While we're talking about our family's awesome style... (me as a sleepy boy, tillie's hawaiian ensemble...) let's chat about a fashion faux pas I did with Calvin. It all started months ago when I was digging through someone's Goodwill pile or was it a garage sale? Who knows. Anyway, I pulled out this little polo shirt for my future son. How lucky for him. So, when it fit, we HAD to do a photo shoot.
Oh my.

Poor baby. Poor Tillie too.

Ahhh, I love it.
Apparently, Cal did too.

He's missing a few key pieces... a camera with a strap around his neck, a fanny pack, dopey hat, and, of course, sandals with his socks. If only I could go back in time... oh well.


is that face great, or what?

There you have it. We are definitely a FASHION FORWARD FAMILY.


erin said...

I am looking at these pictures with Ella and she keeps yelling "i want dat baby! Tute baby! Tute baby!" I have to agree. What a cute little guy!! Matilda too!
And Melissa, you so do not look like a boy.

emily snyder said...

you kill me. period.
remember how i get to come out for our birthdays!??!?! HOORAY!! and boston is a go!!

BETH said...

Little Tillie was so cute in nursery with Grace. I put Grace in a chair by her and Tillie broke her off a tiny piece of her playdough and gave it to Grace then passed her a letter R stamp. Then they happily played with yellow playdough for the next 10 mins. If only they would stay happily appeased by playdough forever.


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