Saturday, July 3, 2010

the split screen.

Okay, Aaron is tired of me having these tabs open on the internet. I haven't wanted to turn off the computer for a few days, b/c I finally sifted through so many images to find these gems---so, until I blogged about them, I couldn't close up shop.

We watched the movie, "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" the other day. It was great. We laughed over a large portion of the movie. And, of course, Matilda gave it two thumbs up. It held her attention the entire time. That's pretty impressive.

Anyway, I couldn't help but reel over the fact that BABY Brent looks SO much like the lead singer in Rascal Flatts. Did you know his name? Oh, I know it now, after some extensive research online. Some people research important things like... I don't know, how to save the universe. I, on the other hand, research look-alikes. Anyway, the lead singer? His name is Gary Levox. Here is what he looks like:

Okay, am I right? or am I right?
(baby brent is on the right, leaning on the TV).

Maybe you don't think the resemblance is uncanny, like I do. But, once you watch the movie, you'll TOTALLY agree. Like Mr. Mac says, "I guarantee it."

While we're on the topic of resemblances... let's talk about the two children I've been blessed with. Can you guess Which Witch is Which? (no, they aren't witches at all---they are the complete opposite---but since I used to love that book, I thought I'd spice up my paragraph).

Both of these photos are taken from their first videos from the hospital just hours after their births. So, who is who? I, of course, know. But do you?

Honestly, they look MORE and MORE alike every day. It's amazing, really. But, it kind of makes sense. You know? Same mom. Same dad. duh. :)

Aaron looks a LITTLE bit like his family. Here are a few taken with his little brother, Adam, and little sister, Melody. These were at SeaWorld. I told them a word and they had to put that word into a pose IMMEDIATELY. You'll see what I mean.

First word: confused

upset tummy


(this one is BY FAR the best. Melody decided to hold up a bazooka in that split second. Her response to betrayal? Getting EVEN! hA! I love that girl.)

Okay, thanks for humoring me. Yes, they look alike. Families tend to have similar looks, no?

Apparently, Aaron and and I look a whole lot alike too.

awkward silence.

Let me explain... Remember how our little neighbor from Puerto Rico thought Aaron and I were BROTHER and SISTER?! Oh sheesh. Whatever. Sick. We're not. thanks, though.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm stalling and I don't want to go through all of the picture archives from the last few months.

So, for now, there you go.


Jenni K said...

I can't tell you how many times Mason and I have been asked if we are brother and sister. Gross. I would need more than two hands to count! But we both loved that movie. We were laughing the whole time!

Russ and Nat said...

My guess is Calvin on the left and Tillie on the right. And yes I happen to be well aquainted with Gary Levox - some lady on one of the jobs Russell was auditing once was obsessed with Gary and told Russell that he looked exactly like him. So the next day this lady had printed a bunch of pictures with Gary Levox's picture and wrote "Which auditor is this?" Everyone in his office made fun of him for quite a while.......ha ha....good old Gary

Becker said...

I vote Cal on Left, Til on right.

As for family resemblances. Some families do in fact look related. Mine--we look like we could all be first cousins, but we don't look like we're looking in the mirror like either your family or Aaron's family. :) There are 7 of us and every one has a match that we look like...every one except for one (7--it's an odd number, after all). Now, you'd think the odd man out would be a woman since, after all, I am the only girl of the seven, but no. I have my match. Aaron and John= match. Jared and Becca=match, Matt and Paul=match. It's Adam. Adam with his puffy, reddish hair, 5'9" frame (the rest of the bros are over 6 feet) and huge dimples stands out. Anyway, fun. I love when families have a stamp! :) Glad to hear from you again. I WILL post again...some time.

Kristen said...

We LOVE Cloudy with a Chance of's Gunnar's favorite movie. I didn't notice that Baby Brent looked like that guy but he totally does. I just love hearing the voices of half the cast of SNL. Those guys are hilarious.

Tim and Melissa said...

I love to read your updates. I miss you guys! It looks like we have another movies we need to see - haven't see that one yet.

Kirstin - Klinton - Max - Krieg Starr said...

"We laughed over a large portion of the movie" Get it, LARGE portion. HAHAHA you are so funny. (I haven't seen it). Man, I like my family. Oh and by the way, what is even more awesome, is when Klinton and I get dressed at separate times then go to leave and we realize we are wearing basically the exact same thing. I am going to have to say this is mostly my fault because Klinton does not wear girly clothes, he wouldn't be caught dead in them. What does that say about me? O'well.


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